Friday, April 28, 2017

Pope Francis demands the Church subordinate Church teaching to his heretical circus.


“It makes me really sad to see people who are in ministry – lay, consecrated, priests, bishops – who are still playing the proselytism card,” he stated. “No! It is done through attraction. That is the genius phrase of Pope Benedict XVI.”

Let's see if we have this straight:

So when the Pope promulgates error and leads people we care about into mortal sin, nobody can be more papist then he is! He gets down in the dumps when he sees us telling them he is contradicting Christ's Church. He's attracting our loved ones to mortal sin because the Commandments, Sacraments and Sanctifying Grace don't work. When you truly love somebody, you hang loose and lead them into temptation and sin every once in a while so you don't become a stick in the mud.

Society of Jesus drivel is a gift that keeps on giving.


philipjohnson said...

Bergoglio doesn't believe in Mortal sin,or Hell or ,for that matter,most of Catholic Doctrine!

Tom said...

I agree with his assertion that we should not be "more Papist than the Pope," but I think that he should be more Catholic than the current occupant of the Papal throne.

Michael Dowd said...

Someone needs to catalog these sayings of the anti-saint Bergoglio.

TLM said...

You got it Tom! Francis needs to be a little more Catholic than a secular humanist.

Catholic Mission said...

APRIL 29, 2017

Laity in Palermo must appeal to Corrado Lorefice to follow Canon Law and affirm Church doctrine with a rational theology

John the Mad said...

We are at the point wherein we must pray that Catholics are, in fact, more Catholic than the pope, lest their immortal souls perish in the fire. Suppress the Jesuits! Away with them.

Stephen Lowe said...

This pontiff and his sycophants are making sand castles out of the Mystical Body of Christ...His Church. This will not end well. My millstone is large, theirs must be humongous.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the pope believes that Jesus never spoke about Hell nor about the consequences of rejecting His unique, exclusive claims, nor even commissioned His disciples to "proclaim the good news."

But Francis is not an outlier. Ask yourselves this question: If somebody else replaced Benedict, would that hypothetical replacement be any different?

Remember that St. John Paul II engaged in borderline syncretism at Assisi and began the Catholic Church's borderline appeasement of Islam.

Roland said...

Our Lady of Fatima - pray for us!
If you have not consecrated yourself and family to Mary's Immaculate Heart, now would be a good time to do so!