Monday, April 10, 2017

The treachery of Pope Francis is circling our wagons

I'm sure like most of you, I've been getting my news from Catholic aggregators for at least a decade. I don't watch the propaganda of mainstream media. To put it nicely... its omissions and commissions are beyond the limits of my virtues!

Watching Catholic news aggregators, it is crystal clear that Pope Francis participation and escalation of the culture wars in our Church and homes has thrown demonic activity and lies into full throttle.

I spent five minutes at a Catholic aggregator and found a half dozen stories of poisonous fruit of this papacy.

I never thought we'd live to see the day where we have to explain to a pope Why 'married priests' aren't the fix to the problem.

The problem is the gays in the priesthood robbed us of Sanctifying Grace. Naturally, four years of throwing gay priests and heresy at our families were atomic bombs to the credibility of the solid Catholic catechesis we were teaching at home.

The last thing that's going to restore Sanctifying Grace is heresy, married priests and giving the bossy sea hags more faux-priest roles.

Teach our seminarians the spiritual power of the fast of celibacy. Their fasts supply the faithful with a reservoir of spiritual power to draw upon. Robbing us of it is only going to make matters worse.

This Malta thing is a mess.

While the Maltese false shepherd bishops are hoodwinking people bankrupt of Sanctifying Grace on marriage and abortifacients, Pope Francis is publicly thanking them for their 'theology' and guidance. This clown is literally telling women the use of contraception to reject the magnficat doesn't involve mortal sin.

"It is not my role to clarify what pills are good and which are not.

"If you must use a contraceptive, you are careful to use one that does not kill life," he said

Get it?

Now that the Holy Father has approved our theology on the good way to covet thy neighbors spouse, we have other pearls of wisdom to share:

If you must use euthanasia, please be careful it doesn't kill anybody. I'm not a rocket scientist so its not my job to find out which form of euthanasia is good.

If you must rob somebody, take care not to steal their belongings.

Wink. Wink.

And here's a story on the daffy women he's wound up into a frenzy.

A "spark" that changes the model of the existing Church . That is what the Women's Collective in the Church hopes to become the Pope's proposal to study the possibility of the female diaconate. A spark that prompts to review the role in the ecclesial structures of the laity in general, these being a configuration that by its tendency to marginalize and exclude must be completely renewed.

It's a spark all right. Thrown with a pitchfork by a man with pointy ears and a long tail.

Complete madness.


Anonymous said...

A correction concerning the report Maltese archbishop's comments on contraceptives:

Newspaper pulls article claiming Malta archbishop approved contraception in marriage

Claire Chretien

MALTA, April 10, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Malta Today has deleted an article that incorrectly claimed Malta Archbishop Charles Scicluna said non-abortifacient contraception is acceptable within marriage. One of the country's pro-life activists has provided LifeSiteNews with a translation of Scicluna's remarks proving he didn't say that.

Scicluna made the remarks at issue on an interview with Xtra on TVM. But Dr. Miriam Sciberras of Life Network Foundation Malta, who also participated in the interview, said Malta Today's description of Scicluna's remarks was completely inaccurate.

"He is completely misquoted," Sciberras told LifeSiteNews. "He explained that the Church teaching about contraception is a teaching specifically to be presented within marriage."

More at

TTC said...

Thanks for this correction. Unfortunately, clarifying that he is instructing that only married people entrap their spouses into mortal sin doesn't help him. At all.

TTC said...

In no iniverse of Catholic teaching are contraceptive pills to
Prevent pregnancy acceptable.

Roland said...

Ugh... This is just Protestantism. Their only question is "what kind"? A long time ago the Catholic church converted pagan Rome. Today pagans are converting the Catholic church.

Our Lady of Fatima, please pray for us.

TLM said...

You can call these musings from the Pope 'Diabolical Insanity'. When he says things like 'Jesus became Satan on the cross', you have to wonder what drug they are passing around in Rome. I would love to know what the faithful in the Vatican, presuming there are still some left, are thinking when they hear this insanity? I would guess they may be trying to figure out how to get a medical and mental evaluation done on him. A lot of what he says is just plain not rational. We still have to pray for him. Our God is a God of miracles.

TLM said...

Oh yeah, and in regard to Scicluna? He is only following the Pope's directives, and absolutely the so called 'correction' is no correction at all!! These people are a joke.

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Carol. Most folks think Pope Francis is OK. Catholic MSM sees to that. It would seem that only a insignificant number of people think like we do. But by doing what you are doing more and more will know the truth about PINO Francis (Pope in name only).