Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cash Cow in Medjugorge

I knew there was something fishy in the Vatican's talking points in Medjugorje

They are taking the position that the Blessed Mother likely appeared in Medjugorje seven times but following those appearances, the 'seers' have been lying.

I think that's very generous. It's inconsistent with the Blessed Mother's nature to choose to appear to people whom she knew would lie about the messages she conveyed to them.

I kept asking myself why on earth their solution to this mess was to set up shop parallel to the frauds and crooks.

What's next? Setting up an office in pope Michael's "see"?

Then I read this:

The commission also recommended turning the town’s parish Church of St. James into a pontifical shrine with Vatican oversight. The move, the commission said, would not signify recognition of the apparitions, but would acknowledge the faith and pastoral needs of the pilgrims while ensuring a proper accounting of the financial donations pilgrims leave.

Of course! They want to make sure the right amount of money is being put in their wallets!


Michael Dowd said...

Following the money is the way to the truth.

Kathleen1031 said...

Cha ching!
Remember the old days, when the church told the truth for the good of Catholics souls? Wow. Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Reminds this rabbit of the money changers in the Temple. What a sellout of the Faith. The local bishops never accepted these "apparitions" as valid and now have been overruled.

Catholic Mission said...

But then, what do you do with these embarassing reports? Like this one..

May 19, 2017

Schoolboy battling cancer receives ‘miracle cure’ after visiting Medjugorje

not a skeptic said...

I have yet to see a legitimate argument against the authenticity of the alleged apparitions at Medjugorje. I have been aware of them since the 1980's. Don't like them ? Don't fret. No-one is required to believe in even approved apparitions. Quite frankly, I find the hysterics of Medjugorje's opponents to be an point in their favor.

TTC said...

Not a skeptic,

It baffles me when I hear faithful Catholics say they've read all the evidence and can't see the deception. The silliness, heresy and disobedience to Christ is so obvious, I cant fathom navigating these hurdles. These people are pulling your leg.

Slick said...

Not a skeptic, Please go to Google and read the article by Bishop Zanic, "The Truth About Medjugorje" and go to the website, The Medjugorje Illusion. These expose the lies, errors, disobedience, scandals and absurdities of this hoax.