Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Ireland's Archbishop Eamon Martin's Public Indictment

Here's what he had to say:

Decades of good done by the Catholic Church in Ireland are being “almost obliterated by a revised and narrow narrative that religious ethos cannot be good for democracy,” the Archbishop of Armagh has said.

Speaking at the University of East Anglia on Monday night, the archbishop said Irish society was being “hugely impacted by secularisation and is evidenced by a steady decline in church attendance and in vocations to the priesthood and religious life.”

“What began as a gradual drift of people away from Mass and the sacraments became a stronger current,” Archbishop Martin said. “Like other parts of Europe and the western world, more people in Ireland are living their lives without reference to God or to religious belief.”

I am stunned every time I hear a bishop complain about the demonic activity around us and act like he had nothing to do with it.

There is nobody to blame but Bishop Martin.

Bishop Martin and the see of sissified episcopal wizards with bird-brained ideas about accompanying us to mortal sin. They abandoned the power in the Sacraments and turned the Church into a social service agency with religious entertainment.

With an elected pope contorting the priesthood into teaching virtues of fornication and sodomy, you would think they would be a see of giddy little schoolgirls, but the fruit of their own hands seems to be scaring some of them.

Yesterday, they fiddled with Nero.

Today, they stand in the public square to profess their innocence while duly noting the effects of mortal sin.

It's all so disingenuous.


JTLiuzza said...

"They abandoned the power in the Sacraments and turned the Church into a social service agency with religious entertainment."

That's about as succinct a description of the post Vatican II pseudo church and it's disgrace of a liturgy as I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Joe says ...

Yes, a social service agency that reportedly supports abortion with the donations of the faithful.

That's where your money goes when you put it in the general collection at your catholic mass.

Sometimes, I look around the pews and wonder, "Did they collect enough today to kill a child in Africa?" And sometimes, such as at the overflow crowd at Easter, the answer is yes. Even a few American dollars goes a long, long way in Africa.

I give nothing, now that I know where the money goes. But the church doesn't care about small donors such as me. They got the big pro-abortion donors.