Saturday, May 6, 2017

New Book on Pope Francis and Communism

The king is in the altogether.


Michael Dowd said...

One Peter Five has an interview with the author.

The more we learn about Pope Francis the more we know about his embrace of Communism and dislike for orthodox Catholicism.

TLM said...

Absolutely true, Michael. I read the article at 1Peter5 as well. The Pope is a die hard Marxist Communist, and the author of this book is correct when he says that some are brushing this little ditty off as a 'no big deal'......'nothing to concern ourselves with'....'move along now' attitude. This book will definitely be on my Kindle wish list for absolute sure! He also talks about the 'buyer's remorse' among the Bishops who voted for this man, and the many reasons that many are 'pretending' everything is just hunky dory in the Church of Christ......while we all witness it burning. One quote is from a Bishop (not named) either being interviewed or talking to Michael Hitchborn of the Leptano Institute who looked at him and said: "How can one be loyal to Peter when Peter is not loyal to the Church?" He has a point, I would say. What came to mind, however, was Our Lady of Good Success who talked about the apostasy going on in the Church in this century regarding marriage and the sacraments. She talked about how the Church would be permeated even at the very top with freemasonry. And then she said "Those who should speak will fall silent." I do believe she pretty much told us verbatim what we are now living in real time.