Sunday, May 14, 2017

OneMadMom Writes about Fr. James Martin's homosexual obsession.

Some excellent observations in this blog post.

There's many more mad moms and dads where that came from!

First of all, the faithful Catholics suffering from same-sex attraction are not having their needs met by the Church. 

There is no question that same sex attraction is being badly mismanaged by the Church.

The chances a priest will shepherd a same sex couple to a state of Sanctifying Grace are about the same as their chances at winning the lottery.

Heterosexual couples at least have the prospect of Sacramental Marriage save them from the misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance of priests like Martin. But, I wonder how many of them are led to the Sacrament of Confession before they embark on the right road.

Priests don't have to drop a nuclear bomb onto the process by saying "I see you are living together or sexually active, so you'll have to go to Confession before I marry you". One should casually mention the importance of entering into a Sacramental vocation in a state of Grace, this is your practice as a priest, hand them a booklet that helps examine conscience before Confession, give them a sheet with local confession times in yours and neighboring parishes and ask them to do it.

OneMadMom points out many of the reasons.

Watching priests like Martin who have the power to do it instead empowering people to commit mortal sin is infuriating.

But something is left out of this narrative: Priests'(Bishop and now the Holy Father's) pastoral malpractice committed upon faithful Catholic families.

I don't want to call it 'the Church' because the Church remains faithful.

Decades of redacting Church teaching from everything they say and do, filling teaching roles with Catholics who contradict Church teaching. Telling generations of children the Catechism they are being taught at home is antiquated and hateful and the mortal sins they are teaching to commit is 'love'.

In the past, we've tiptoed away from it. Kept quiet in the pews or found another parish or fled Sodom and Gommorah and landed in TLM to get away from their nonsense. I think it was a mistake not to play the victims. Upon the election of this macabre counterfeit church into the Chair of Peter, they have absolutely no idea we exist and are, in fact, the majority.

The episcopal see seems mystified as to why the Church has split in half. It has caught them off-guard. They don't seem to even know Christ's Church is indivisible from It's Teaching, which positions them on the wrong side of the ax.

Over the course of the past year or so - actually since the Synod - they have watched us lift the ax over their heads and have come to terms with the reality that we will fearlessly swing it.

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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