Saturday, May 6, 2017

Will somebody please fix this broken record?

Woody the woodpecker is once again pecking at Catholics who try to live every day in a state of Grace.

The man is obsessed with depicting Christ's Life as the trailblazer for convincing God's people to stop being rigid about not breaking Commandments.

Others, the Pope said, use rigidity to cover up their weaknesses, sins and personality disorders and to assert themselves over others.

“They are the rigid with the double life. They show themselves as beautiful, honest, but when no one is looking, they do bad things,” he said.

And here we were thinking our virtues were coming from consuming the Divinity of Christ's Body and Blood in a state of Sanctifying Grace.

I've given up trying to get along with Jesuits. They spend their vocation trying to get us to cling tighter to our vices. You don't need to be a shrink to draw the conclusion that their misery wants company.

Good reading here.

Pope Francis has sparked controversy from the day he was elected as St. Peter's Successor. But in the past several months the controversy has become so intense, confusion among the faithful so widespread, administration at the Vatican so arbitrary -- and the Pope's diatribes against his (real or imagined) foes so manic -- that today the universal Church is rushing toward a crisis.


Mary Ann brings up some observations about the validity of the papacy which I'm sure has crossed most people's minds. These things are interesting to ponder but I'm not sure its healthy to go there.

The bottom line is, Pope Francis has made Church teaching and practicing Catholics the enemy of 'the good'. It's incompatible with Christ. We've got a problem and it isn't a little one. I think its best to keep our focus on how to keep everyone's powder dry until this plays itself out.

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Anonymous said...

You said it, sit tight & keep watch as to how this plays out. It's God's movie, nothing we can do except PRAY!