Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Doctrinal Anarchy of Pope Francis

Sometimes an honest and frank discussion of what Pope Francis is doing hits you between the eyes.

In the following interview with the Register, Msgr. Bux explains that the Church is in a “full crisis of faith” and that the storms of division the Church is currently experiencing are due to apostasy — the “abandonment of Catholic thought.”

Is abandonment the right word?

Seems worse than abandonment.

I feel like we experienced abandonment for the last 30 years. They have moved on to the discrediting Catholic thought phase.

The cardinals expressed concern over the “grave situation” of episcopal conferences and individual bishops offering widely differing interpretations of the document, some of which they say break with the Church’s teaching. They are particularly concerned about the deep confusion this has caused, especially for priests.

PENTIN How can this problem best be resolved?

BUX: The point is: what idea does the Pope have of the Petrine ministry, as described in Lumen gentium 18 and codified in canon law? Faced with confusion and apostasy, the Pope should make the distinction — as Benedict XVI did — between what he thinks and says as a private, learned person, and what he must say as Pope of the Catholic Church. [Fr Z: I believe JPII did the same before B16 did.] To be clear: the Pope can express his ideas as a private learned person on disputable matters which are not defined by the Church, but he cannot make heretical claims, even privately. Otherwise it would be equally heretical.

I would encourage all readers to read the entire interview. His honest but frank discussion of the damage done by Pope Francis is an eyeopener.


Ana Milan said...

Thank God for Monsignor Bux - the only morally & spiritually courageous priest/adviser so far to actually call this, the greatest crisis ever to have hit the CC what it is - Apostasy from within, just as Our Lady predicted. Everyone else just skirts around the issue, whispering schism & the infallibility of the Pope, when in fact the Church of Christ on earth is in tatters. Little support for the four Cardinals who have shown some leadership in attempting to get answers to their Dubia but are hitting brick walls. No regard for the countless souls who are being destroyed by wilfully introducing a change in praxis that would undoubtedly change Catholic Doctrine, the Ten Commandments & destroy the Unity of the CC. Little mention that the Pope must uphold the True Faith & has no power to change what God Himself has instituted. The formal correction must be made & PF instructed (yes, instructed) to make a "Declaration or Profession of Faith, affirming what is Catholic, and correcting those ambiguous and erroneous words and acts — his own and those of bishops — that are interpreted in a non-Catholic manner."

Anonymous said...

‘If you don’t think Francis is the cure, you don’t grasp the disease,’ CL head says...

“Sometimes certain gestures of the pope may not be understood because we don’t understand the full implications of what he calls an ‘epochal change’,” CarrĂ³n told Crux on Monday.

“I get that many people are upset and puzzled by the pope, as were people in Jesus’ time by him - especially, let’s remember, the more ‘religious’ people,” he said. “For example, the Pharisees, failing to see the full drama of the human situation facing them, wanted a preacher simply to tell people what to do, to put heavy burdens on them.

TTC said...

BaaaHaaahahahaha. LMBO.

The allegation that Christ lifted the "burden" of faithfulness to Commandments and therefore Jorge Bergolio's is like Christ is diabolical.

TTC said...

With every mortal sin the man tries to sell our relatives and loved ones, the lies everyone around him uses for excuses further reveals its all coming from the devil.

Michael Dowd said...

Hearing the straight forward truth is most heartening in these times of apostasy and confusion even emanating from the Pope himself. Will there be any faith left when Christ comes again? It would seem the devil used his 100 years of freedom most effectively.**

** Pope Leo XIII vision:

Anonymous said...

I agree, if the cure is designed to kill the patient!