Friday, June 30, 2017

John Zmirak Compares Papacy to Giant Prostate

When my 15-month-old granddaughter has had just about enough of something, she is quite fond of telling us she is "ALL DONNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEE!"

That's the feeling I'm getting from faithful Catholics when they speak or write about the latest asshattery from Rome.


I came across this article written by John Zmirak which delivers a devastating blow to the credibility of Pope Francis.

I'm not going to cite anything from the article because it should be read in its entirety.

I will call your attention to it's brutal honesty and complete rejection of the Holy Father's constant assault on the Faith.


Michael Dowd said...

Yes, donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneee as in the Pope cooking his own goose. When the Pope calls, hang up and avoid the confusion.

I like that more and more writers are getting the Pope's number which, I think, turns out to be not zero, but a minus one or more. Much more.

Mary Ann Kreitzer said...

I don't think Pope Pius V would agree with Pope Francis considering he raised the Holy League to fight the Turks. The Battle of Lepanto is held up as a victory for the Queen of Heaven and the rosary. But it also involved cannons, swords, and guns. Catholics need to study our history so they won't be taken in by false compassion and false mercy. Self defense is a human right! And I sure wouldn't hesitate to use violence to protect one of my precious grandchildren.

TTC said...

Michael, I think many Catholic writers held back for a long time out of respect for the office of the Chair of Peter. But the gig sure is up!

Mary Ann, you are so right! Not to mention that his false accusations and slander of our Catholic heroes stand contrary to the canonization of many Catholic warriors in the course of our Catholic history, including St. Joan of Arc.

TLM said...

Yes, you are all correcto!! The more time goes on the more the faithful join the ranks of those of us who are ALLLLLLLLLLLLDONNNNNNNEEEEE with this guy, AND all of his cabal as well! ALLLLLLLLLLLLLDONNNNNNNNNEEEEEE!!!!!