Sunday, June 4, 2017

What Constitutes a Practicing Catholic?

When I have the misfortune of encountering a poorly catechized individual trying to convince our people to drink the koolaid, after unsuccessful attempts to respond with Church teaching, one of my favorite zingers is "sitting in the pew no more makes one a Catholic than sitting in a garage makes one a car".

I continue to be awed by the Catholicity of my new parish. At the same time, I'm frustrated that we have accepted the culture of a valid Mass grounded in religious entertainment and nothingness.

We have solid priests in almost every parish. Whether they are being controlled by money and power-hungry, heretic or sissified bishop - or the liberal sea hags who stampede our Sanctuary, we have traction and tools to improve the situation covertly.

Please approach and invite them to offer Confession 1/2 hour before every Mass. We've got to do it!

I'll put together a post of what to say, how to explain, overcome the usual and customary excuses we run into. In the meantime, here is a healthy reminder of the not-so-subtle fruit of Sanctifying Grace:

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