Sunday, June 11, 2017

Young Priest Takes Catholic University Moonbat Seminary Rector to the Shed

This is a story from 2016, but a good reminder of where we are going in the future.

It was a sorry sight to see that Catholic University is continuing along the path of debasing the Catholic faith and robbing our children of their inheritance. In the National Catholic Reporter, the outgoing rector of the seminary penned a poison pen letter expressing his disgust for the holiness and faithfulness that has taken root in younger priests.

I have sympathy for him. It must be tough to watch the glory days of the priesthood from the bottom of a booze bottle in your civilian clothes give way to mystical prayer, cassocks and Communion on the tongue.

Ok. I don't have sympathy for him.

What nerve these priests have expressing their venom towards Catholics pursuing Sanctifying Grace! They did irreparable harm to the Church and the world with their malpractice. Starved our people of solid catechesis. Robbed us of Sanctifying Grace and salvation. The fruit of their work stares back at them from the empty pews.

The generation of Pope Francis nasty sourpussing is in full bloom. But we all know what comes after a full bloom. The flower withers and dies. All that is left are dried up thorns that we will prune. In many ways, the Holy Fathers malice is causing more of us to purchase the pruning shears. Some are quietly waiting until the bloom withers and dies. Others are pruning flowers blossoming.

As one of the many cassock-wearing, Communion-on-the-tongue-receiving, Latin-loving, Extraordinary-Form-Mass-saying young priests that have passed through the halls of Theological College, allow me to say plainly to anyone who would agree with the tone and sentiment of this article that you have deliberately and painfully pigeon-holed men who love the Church and cast us to be pompous little monsters simply because we have a different theological/liturgical outlook than you.

You condescend towards us as if we were not thinking, opining, and sincere men.

You gossip about us, ensuring that we are “put in our places” and “taught a thing or two” by your confreres.

You confuse our strong convictions with arrogance and accuse us of being staunch when we are trying more than anything else to be faithful, helpful, and loving.

It's hard to love a poison thorn that has been killing your relatives. Makes you realize how powerful God's love is that He would suffer such a painful death for wretches. I've been a wretch myself.

For scarce for a just man will one die; yet perhaps for a good man some one would dare to die.

Dear God, help me to grow in patience and love for the enemies of our faith~!

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Anonymous said...

Thank God for Priests like this, we must pray for these Young and Holy Priests! God Bless Them! Oh, and Dear God send a few our way.