Monday, July 17, 2017

Counterfeit Church is Out of Control Under "Francis"

Cruising news stories at our favorite Catholic aggregate Canon 212 really incriminates this pope and papacy.

At a family conference in my sweet Ireland, Cardinal Schonborn again confirms the deviousness of the Holy Father by answering that Amoris Letitiae is a license to live in a perpetual state of mortal sin. This again confirms the intention of the Holy Father was to author a document that instructs the faithful to contradict Church teaching.

This is why the Holy Father has not and cannot answer the dubia himself. If he does, he kicks off his own canonical indictment of 'heretic'.

While we recognize this deceptive treachery, the flurry of henchmen explaining the intentions of the mute pope really paints the papacy as obliquitous.

The head of the CDF, a man with a history of painting a homoerotic picture of himself on the ceiling of the Cathedral, said that Christian values do not need to be defended because “they defend themselves.”

Ross Douthat seems to think the apostates and heretics Pope Francis appoints are getting ahead of him:

It is clear enough that Francis has friends and allies who want him to go forward in a hurry. They regard the ambiguous shift on divorce and remarriage as a proof-of-concept for how the church can change on a wider range of issues, where they have lately made forays and appeals — intercommunion with Protestants, married priests, same-sex relationships, euthanasia, female deacons, artificial birth control, and more....

His more liberal appointees can get ahead of him as in the case of Charlie Gard, the dying English baby whose doctors and government won’t let his parents pay for an unlikely-to-succeed treatment. The pope’s refashioned Pontifical Academy for Life, which now accepts pro-choice and euthanasia-friendly members, issued a statement that seemed to support the government over the parents. But shortly thereafter, Francis intervened in support of the parents’ rights, creating a somewhat defensive scramble by his allies.

Appointing heretics to go ahead of him is his modus operandi. It's his game plan to avoid accountability for the outcome of surrounding our families with heretics.

So now that we've observed that the Holy Father will publicly contradict his own appointees when they calibrate his message wrong, this convicts him in the times he didn't. He's using them like a ventriloquist.

No doubt you've all read Pope Benedict's caricature that the Ark of the Covenant is filled with cowards and on the verge of capsizing.

All I have to say to that is, 'thanks a bunch'.

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Michael Dowd said...

I made this comment yesterday in the N.Y. Times article by Ross Douthat.

Michael Dowd Venice, Florida 19 hours ago

Yes, Pope Francis is a liberal Pope, an Obamaesque political one, but unfortunately, not a Catholic one. Pope Francis wishes to create a new one world religion with Man at the center, not Christ. He will go down in history as one of the very worst Popes. The sooner he goes the better.