Wednesday, July 12, 2017

I'm with Fr. Z on this one.



Anonymous said...

Skeptical, yes. But, not so foolish as to dismiss it as totally false. For me anyway.

The Commission to rethink Humanae Vitae I believe was reported to be known by Pope Francis, though it was not his official command to organize it. Pope Francis has made comments about contraception that leave one wondering. (Catholics need not breed like rabbits, the Order of Malta firing over distributing contraceptives, the rape of nuns and them being given emergency contraceptives "story"). There is a lot of talk now about contraception only being forbidden for the married - that is: one man and one woman married. See Dr. Peters:

That is a VERY slippery slope and given the world we live in today it would be foolish to try to make the distinction (I think) and Dr. Peters even points out that difficulty.

I predict, however, another "footnote" after the upcoming synod on the youth. Youth today are highly sexually active, broadly speaking. This is evident in the fact that elementary students are now being taught sex ed in our public schools. To prevent unwanted pregnancies among our unmarried and highly sexualized youth, I predict contraceptives will be pushed by the Church via another "footnote" in yet another post synodal document.

Separating procreation from the sexual act, whether for the married or the unmarried, has catastrophic consequences. Until we return to the fact that sex is for making babies in cooperation with God, then we are doomed to end up like the Romans, the Incas, the Aztecs, and every other pagan society that ever existed: extinct.

As long as we remain a contraceptive society, we will never eliminate abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide, government death panels, etc...all of which are nothing less than human sacrifice.

Can we not see that we are heading toward our own destruction? God help us!

TTC said...

The likelihood that Cardinal Muller is stupid enough to blab that story to anyone who would repeat it is zero, IMO.

It's a good story to drive traffic to a blog but I don't see how positioning Muller as a rat fink helps the cause of solid Catechists the pope is purging from Rome.

We already know what is going down and why. We have to play our cards a lot smarter if we are blogging to serve the Mystical Bosy of Christ.

Just my two cents!