Friday, July 7, 2017

Jesuit Rag Protests Prolifers Who Value Life Too Highly Relative to "Other Goods"

You have to have a lot of chutzpah to claim prolifers are misapplying Church teaching while you're saying this:

When life is valued so highly relative to other goods, its pursuit becomes detrimental. In effect, life itself becomes an idol.


I didn't know the Jesuits had a 'value system' in place to measure the worth of a human life.

It begs the question, what 'other goods' are they talking about?

Money? A house? A car?

What exactly are we up against if we get sick when the government gets to make judgments about whether or not we can have treatment?

This isn't accurate:

It is undisputed that Charlie Gard suffers from a mitochondrial disorder that has led to brain damage, frequent seizures, progressive muscle wasting and respiratory failure (loss

Actually, whether or not Charlie has brain damage actually is in dispute.

Let us remember, this is about a hospital taking the position that it's in Charlie's best interest to prevent his parents from taking him home to die. They don't have a very compelling argument that they are acting in Charlie's best interest.

Prolifers have jumped all over this case because it has a great deal of significance in our future. Even if we have the money and means to seek alternative treatment in a government-controlled healthcare system, doctors and courts will exerted power over what they will 'allow' us to do, based on what value will be given to us when compared to funding programs for abortions, contraception and benefits to illegal immigrants.

What's at stake is who gets to decide our value and it looks like it will be the accountants at the hospital. We are getting to see who in Christendom is going to line up with the culture of death.

It isn't really shocking to see the spiritually-bankrupt Jesuits advocate for death, but learning that the Pontifical Academy for Life has fallen to the dogs is a kick in the gut. Even the Holy Father, whose silence on matters of human life is deafening, raised his voice to appeal for mercy.

The battle for the 'value' of sick and suffering and governmental control over killing us when they determine you are worthless to them has just begun.


Justina said...

The Holy Father did not raise his voice for mercy. He asked for the parents to be given a little more time, and didn't say a single word
about Charlie's own worth or human dignity. And "not one word" is exactly how much praise the Pope deserves in this case.

Anonymous said...

The Jesuit "rag" is "America," and Redinger's article is a new low, even for the Jebbies. Guess the editors' brains are rotting at an accelerated rate. Remember that one of them is James Martin, SJ, pal and appointee of Pope Franny.