Sunday, July 2, 2017

New Prefect Archbishop Ferrer

I admit that panic set in when I read the headlines that the pope appointed a Jesuit to the CDF. 

With the exception of heading the going-no-where kangaroo commission to 'study possibility of women as deacons', I was relieved when google searches didn't dig up the usual and customary Jesuitical unfaithfulness and misleading of Christ's people.

I couldn't find the link this morning, but Robbie George released a glowing statement saying he's worked with Archbishop Ferrer on several projects, he's faithful and solid and George is pleased with the appointment.  This is also hopeful.  Sometimes Robbie puts on his rose colored glasses to see things but at least we know the guy isn't a doctrinal dunderhead.

Fr. Z put it best when he says 'we dodged a big one'.   

Fr. Z is pleased with the appointment.  I won't go out on that limb until I see the fruit blossom. 

Here are my gut instincts:

Cardinal Müller put Christ and His Church first.   There were definitely times when he'd pretend he didn't see the elephant in the room, but when push came to shove, he put his role to preserve the Deposit of Faith above service to the Romans.

Müller was silent for a year as the narrative took foothold that Pope Francis had deliberately introduced his approval of living in a perpetual state of mortal sin. 

I believe Cardinal Müller was being pressured by the Romans to remain silent, which is actually contrary to his service to Christ and His Church. I also believe Müller's statement that the four Cardinals are 'harming the Church' was a pathetic attempt to please the pope to keep his job at the CDF.

Let's not kid ourselves.  Müller is savvy enough to know that a pope who is authoring and affirming heretical documents is what is 'harming the Church', not the 'four Cardinals' bringing the damage he's doing to the family to his attention and asking him to do something about it.

  I think his recent statements on Amoris Laeitia led to his own waterloo. Or perhaps he knew he was out and decided to do his job while packing his desk. Whichever it was, the timing of Cardinal Müller's recent attempt to preserve the Faith and his departure are related. 

This tells us the appointment of Archbishop Ferrer is somehow strategic to the plans being carried out that lead our people to see mortal sin as virtue and Church teaching as their enemy.

Since the pope has confirmed the door to ordaining women as deacons or anything else is closed, I do believe his appointment of Archbishop Ferrer to the daffy women's ordination commission indicates he knew Ferrer would string them up and take them on a rope-a-dope ride that would conclude that women can not be ordained. That tells us the Holy Father is aware that he is doctrinally faithful.

At the same time, I'm suspicious that Cardinal Müller was replaced with Archbishop Ferrer because Archbishop Ferrer will serve mammon in a Roman squeezola.

Time will tell. With the changing of the guard, we need to step up our own squeezola and make him talk on Amoris Laetitia.

He needs to be asked to explain what Christ's people are to believe when the Holy Father has affirmed a heretical interpretation of Argentine Bishops and his predecessor confirmed the teachings of the Church on a perpetual state of adultery and reception of the Eucharist.

In the interim, all eyes in Christendom are on deck waiting to see if Cardinal Müller becomes the 'fifth' Cardinal.   As Fr. Z amusingly puts it, he's 'off of the leash'.


Catholic Mission said...

JULY 2, 2017

Cardinal Luiz Ladaria S.j made factual errors in two ITC theological papers which were politically correct

Anonymous said...

"New Prefect Hardly Believes in Hell"
2 July 2017

Archbishop Luis Ladaria (73), the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, seems to think that hell is empty. He presents his views in a book entitled “Jesus Christ, Salvation of All”, published in April 2009.

Ladaria claims, that salvation in Christ is possible “for all humanity”, “The hope may arise that this salvation will indeed reach everyone.” He only confirms a mere theoretical “possibility of damnation”, but “hell is something neither wanted nor created by God”.

According to Ladaria it is “inconceivable” that salvation “is only for Christians and not for those who do not know Christ”. And: “Christians and non-Christians reach this goal by virtue of the gift of the Spirit that associates us with the unique paschal ministry of Christ even if it is through diverse paths known only to God.”

Ladaria's words are in stark contrast to the words of Christ in the Gospel.

[An expanded version of the above is Oakes Spalding's SATURDAY, JULY 1, 2017, post on his Mahound's Paradise blog, "Pope Francis Appoints a Universalist – All Men Will Be Saved – to Replace Müller as Head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith" at

Anonymous said...

I don't expect Cardinal Muller to join the opposition in view of an interview after receiving his termination notice (Rorate Caeli published an English translation of the appropriate part at ).

Cardinal Müller, „No Differences with the Pope”
2 July 2017

Pope Francis informed Cardinal Gerhard Müller (69) only on Friday, that he would be replaced a day later as Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Müller told the German "Allgemeine Zeitung" that he was surprised by the decision, but not alarmed, "There were no differences between me and Pope Francis." Francis told Müller, that he will generally not extend the terms of five years, and Müller will be "the first" effected by this change.

Müller "is not bothered" about his dismissal, "Everyone has to retire once." He will remain in Rome and work on pastoral and scientific projects. Müller regrets however, that some weeks ago Francis fired three of his "competent people". According to press-reports they had dared to criticise Francis' official party line.

Michael Dowd said...

Wonder why Fr. Z. doesn't have a problem with Muller's replacement? Archbishop Ladaria sounds like a perfect fit for Francis the Merciful as he thinks everyone is going to heaven (Universalism). Which means all this Medieval nonsense about sin and salvation is not only unnecessary but psychologically damaging. Sin and be saved is the new motto.

Of course, if this is the case why do we need the Church at all?

Anonymous said...

More trouble for the new CDF prefect:

"Ladaria Accused of Covering up Homosexual Abuses"

The anti-Church Italian La Repubblica, which is very close to Pope Francis, accuses the new Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Luis Ladaria, of bearing a "direct responsibility" for the abuse of Italian children.

In March 2012 Ladaria signed a document defrocking Gianni Trotta, a former priest and member of the Sons of Divine Providence, who sexually abused minors. The matter was never made public or reported to Italian authorities.

Trotta went on becoming a coach of a junior soccer team where he continued abusing minors. In July 2016 he was sent to prison for crimes against a 12-year-old. A second trial will soon take place.

TTC said...

Michael, I haven't read the quote that people say convicts him of universalism. Dan Burke who is pretty solid, said he read it and came out with the complete opposite impression. I'm curious to see what that's all about.

I think Fr. Z is just relieved. Could have been a real poop show if Schonborn or some of the other catechetical clowns in the episcopal see got in there!

Michael Dowd said...


For more on Muller's replacement please see:

TTC said...

Thank you for linking to this Michael! That makes it easy to know where to find info when I can get this on my radar.

Anonymous said...

In case readers are unfamiliar with Spanish surnames, the paternal surname precedes the maternal (with "y" implied between but typically omitted because it's understood), so that if you are going to omit one, it's the latter. So it would be Abp Ladaria for short.

TTC said...

Anonymous, thank you for that explanation!