Monday, July 17, 2017

Scathing take down of Pope Francis Confidants Moronic Talking Points

Article by pope’s confidantes adds little to understanding Trump’s America

Wrong on Protestant history, ignorant of contemporary Catholic life, tendentious in its analysis, patronizing in tone and damning with faint praise the very policies of the Holy Father it seeks to defend, it is hard to understand what ambitions were had for a piece that does not even rise to the level of mediocrity.

I was sorry to see Voris take such a beating in the article but otherwise found this article to be a chilling condemnation of the 'Pope Francis effect'.

Most especially this:

Spadaro and Figueroa’s theological assessment of the “ecumenism of hate” does not bear scrutiny. Their charges will dissipate quickly
enough for lack of substantive argument. But the claim that the Holy See refrains from distinguishing between right and wrong in a world of tyrants and their victims needs a correction soon.

It would have been opportune for the Secretariat of State to have done so before publication.



Michael Dowd said...

Maureen Mullarkey does it best.

Edison Frisbee said...

No sympathy for Voris.....CMTV still doesn't get it.

Michael Dowd said...

I was banned by Voris for being critical of Pope Francis. Voris is involved with Opus Dei in some way which inhibits him for criticizing the Pope where much of the problem lies beginning with John XXIII who sided with the Liberals at Vatican II.

Anonymous said...

The Church Militant is one of the most misinformed groups of people I have encountered in the faith.

Ignorance...shouted loudly.


Kathleen1031 said...

Banned here too. Oh well. I wish CM would not take the position they do, but they certainly realize it's not popular. I just read they are beholden to a Texan sponsor, hence the new building, etc. That seems about right, and what I have felt since that policy became apparent. I like CM, and wish we had them on the full team, but they are just designated hitters by their own choice. (American term related to baseball). I believe CM gets it alright, but their sponsor just doesn't want criticism of Bergolio. Everybody seems to have their price and we are witnesses to a cosmic sellout by many.
Maureen Mullarkey did a stellar job with that Michael Dowd, you are right.