Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The "New ProLife Movement" is as Dead as a Doornail

Turns out the dame who started it 'found the Sacred' in vulgarity and the profane and wasn't prolife.

How did this woman EVER get a job at FUS?

Glad she was sent packing, but I'm not at all impressed with FUS's talking points. They have a flaw in their hiring process that is never acknowledged or addressed in their response. If they don't own up to it, history is bound to be repeated.

Incidentally, I generally practice keeping the deafening silence of "Mark Shea" in Christendom, but I can't help mentioning his weird remarks in this scandal. The National Catholic Reporter is quoting him! LMBO.

Catholic blogger Mark Shea, a former columnist for the conservative National Catholic Register, called Bratten Weiss a "hero and white martyr" of the "Right Wing Noise Machine."

The Lifesite hit piece reads like the diary of a creepy stalker bent on thinking dirty thoughts about a woman he can't quit. It's replete with guilt by association tactics, out of context FB screencaps, and outrageous lies to the effect that a consistent life ethic (which is, y'know, simply a way of saying "the whole teaching of the Church") is some kind of evil plot to attack the unborn (because what is more pro-abortion than the Church's teaching?). It also manages to smear Communion and Liberation, turn aesthetic and literary judgments and opinions into evidence in a kangaroo heresy trial, darkly suggest that Rebecca is some kind of anti-Catholic mole and seductress, and viciously collaborate with Franciscan University to expose her unjust firing by that institution for the delectation of a mob.

Truly deranged.

And what's with Dave Armstrong crybabying about Bratten Weiss not being treated fairly?

Did he contact LifeSite news before giving his statement to the National Catholic Distorter for publication?!

There is no protocol that requires contacting people before opining on their own public statements in these types of situations. Ms. Bratten Weiss had a political agenda. She misrepresented herself in a Catholic school and a Catholic apostolate for the purpose of contradicting Church thought and teaching. She was deceiving and was bagged.

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chris griffin said...

Dave Armstrong compared Batten Weiss opponents to Nazis. It is in his second post about her. He is the first prolifer I have ever seen that went spiritually insane.