Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cardinal Burke's Latest Interview

I thought a lot about the end times during the Obama administration. Obama's support of the ethnic cleansing of Christians, the catastrophic increase of diabolical disorientation, the conquering of the Middle East by Islamic terrorists, the lawlessness, etc.

I almost feel like we've had a bit of reprieve during the Trump administration. Seems to me like we have a little more protection and the ground underneath the enemies of Truth is collapsing. (The outing of sexual debauchery are more bricks on the pile!)

It's weird that as the secular culture is in a 180, Pope Francis starts scorching the Truth inside of the Church.

Cardinal Burke said something thought-provoking in his latest interview.

When the foundation of the moral law is questioned within the Church, the cardinal said, “then the whole order of human life and the order of the Church itself are endangered.”

“So there is a feeling that in today’s world that is based on secularism with a completely anthropocentric approach,” Cardinal Burke continued, “by which we think we can create our own meaning of life and meaning of the family and so on, the Church itself seems to be confused.”

“In that sense, one may have the feeling that the Church gives the appearance of being unwilling to obey the mandates of Our Lord,” he stated. “Then perhaps we have arrived at the End Times.”

Ugh. You mean the circus hasn't even started?!

The idea that the Holy Father is ushering in the antichrist in the Holiest of Holies is not a very flattering one for Pope Francis.

Cardinal Burke also mentions the rumor that Pope Francis' Curia is working on a kangaroo ritual simulating Catholic Sacraments with Lutherans. I've said this before, but it bears repeating-I don't think Pope Francis is going to do anything that would bring about his removal. And simulating the sacraments with Lutherans would be the beginning of his end.

I keep meaning to read the Book of Revelation again to reacquaint myself with what happens inside of the Church. We know the basics follow Christ's Passion and Crucifixion, but now that its unfolding, its not exactly meeting with my expectations. I'm specifically interested in brushing up on the woman and the dragon.

I also remember something St. John Paul II said around the turn of the century, right about the time he released the Third Secret of Fatima. He said something about an uproar, that the time to flee into the desert was approaching and be not afraid. He very discreetly said it at the Angelus. A non-event in the Church and media. But, I remember being blown away when he said it.

A future blog post!

In any event, very interesting comments by Cardinal Burke.


Anonymous said...

If you are reading the Book of Revelation a good guide, or study, is The Apocolypse of St John by Rev E Sylvester Berry. This book contains a Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur. The book contains a great breakdown of Revelation (Apocolypse) as well and an interesting perspective on the Church and where we are now.

TTC said...

Thank you! So important to have the right resource. There are so many incorrect Protestant or false seer materials on this subject that I have stopped using anything but Scripture and the Saints.

TTC said...

I will check this one out!

TLM said...

"And simulating the sacraments with Lutherans would be the beginning of his end.".....I'm not so sure about that. If we had a Church full of faithful Churchmen, this may hold true, we? Have you looked at the ratio of 'good Cardinals' vs. 'dissenting Cardinals'? I happened to read a post the other day that hit me right between the eyes, and it's something I've been pondering for quite a long time: "What good would it do us to have a good and holy Pope sitting in the Chair of Peter when a great majority of our Churchmen just do what they so desire and thumb their noses at orthodox Catholicism that is proclaimed by the Pope."?? Do you remember how our Churchmen (even way back when) thumbed their noses at Paul Vl's Humanae Vitae? And by now, the numbers of the dissenters has multiplied. The 'ratio' is now lopsided in favor of the modernists and dare I say 'free masons' inside the Church. We do have good and faithful Churchmen (a few) thank the Lord! But the wolves have pretty much taken over the hen house. And the narcissism is so intense that they think nothing of giving Peter the finger if he dare to proclaim real Catholicism. This is the REAL crux of the problem. It's the entire reason we have 'Francis' sitting in the Chair to begin with!

Edison Frisbee said...

"I've said this before, but it bears repeating-I don't think Pope Francis is going to do anything that would bring about his removal."

Apparently he is in good company with Cardinal Burke as well.

Michael Dowd said...

Cardinal Burke is right. Pope Francis is an illegitimate Pope; it was a rigged election by the Modernists who are the same as those that brought the illegitimate Vatican II council. Both Pope Francis and Vatican II must be declared false and all action of that Council considered suspect until proven otherwise. Please see new book on 'The Dictator Pope'.

Anonymous said...


I am a priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, and I read your blog because you are insightful and, though not to my liking, you can be somewhat blunt/crude in your posts. (I understand the passion behind your words, however). I seldom comment on blogs, but whenever I do so it is always anonymously, for obvious reasons. (I suspect Big Brother has ways of knowing things however.)

I do not necessarily agree with comments such as “Pope Francis is an illegitimate Pope” or “Vatican II must be declared false.” The legitimacy (or illegitimacy) of Pope Francis election can only be declared by a future Pope. (But will there be another Pope?). Vatican Council II is not a false Council. It was simply hyjacked by wolves in sheep’s clothing. Our job today, hard as it is, is to remain faithful to the eternal teachings of Jesus Christ and to trust that He is in charge, guiding His Church to accomplish His ends. Legitimate or illegitimate, Pope Francis is doing what Jesus wants done at this time. Maybe we are at the end of time and it is Pope Francis job to usher in the Antichrist? He, PF, is doing God’s bidding even if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Nothing happens by chance.

Many today disregard Revelation claiming it has all been fulfilled already. All of Sacred Scripture speaks to us in three distinct ways: of the past, of the present, and of the future. Therefore all of Sacred Scripture speaks to us of what is to come, the end times. I believe the “Woman” of Revelation WAS the Blessed Mother and IS now the Church. The dragon is pursuing the Woman, the ever faithful Bride of Christ (the remnant anyway - the small minority that Cardinal (Pope) Ratzinger spoke about). Soon the “Woman” will have to flee into the desert and the abomination of desolation will enter the sanctuary and the eternal sacrifice - on earth - will be ordered stopped, shortly there after the Son will return in all of His glory to judge the living and the dead.

I think that, maybe, as soon as Pope Benedict dies, Pope Francis will immediately stop the Extraordinary Form of the Holy Mass and will, almost simultaneously, dictate the introduction of new ecumenical mass with the instruction to allow non-Catholics full participation = the abomination of desolation entering the sanctuary and the stopping of the eternal sacrifice on earth.
This will bring tremendous weeping among the faithful clergy for they will be told to do what they know they cannot do. The children of the “Woman” will be persecuted mercilessly for not obeying. Then God comes to the aid of His faithful, in all His glory, and will judge the living and the dead.

Somewhat simplistic view of the times but I hope I am wrong. Still, I trust that the Most Holy Trinity is in charge. He knows what He is doing and whatever happens, it is meant to be, for the fulfillment of His plan for His children.. Nothing happens by chance. This is a very difficult time to live. But we must trust in the Lord and always remain faithful to Him, and NEVER leave His Holy Roman Catholic Church - no matter what!

Anonymous said...

It is long past time for words, to address the thug, Jorge Bergoglio.


Michael Dowd said...

Thanks Father. Speaking for myself I believe that on blog sites such as this it is OK to express ones opinion about the current condition of the Church which, I believe, has become a catastrophe due in large part to the Modernist intended Vatican II. I also believe Pope Francis is having a profoundly evil influence on the Church which must be called out. Pope Francis by his words and actions of providing "mercy" without justice is leading many to believe they can sin without repentance. Doing this is the work of the devil. We simply must speak out about this evil man.

God Bless you and your work. By the way I pray for Pope Francis, the Cardinals, Bishops and priests every day.

Anonymous said...

The priest above said this:

"He, PF, is doing God’s bidding even if he doesn’t know what he’s doing. Nothing happens by chance."

Father, I caution you that your thoughts seem in error. So you understand, I am a man whose faith hangs by a few strings and, based upon how I was raised and my understanding of things, even if I would despair completely, which is always possible, I would, when it seemed necessary to objectively comment on something(after thought, of coarse) always be obliged to declare what I thought was factual reality, even if I was not contented with that reality.

In short, I am an honest man. A sinner, indeed. But a truthful sinner.


If God is who I was taught he is(yes, I doubt God even exists, increasingly, because I think that I am actually a better being than He is, based upon what appears to be tolerated by Him. Call that blasphemy or sacrilege or both, but it is what I "feel", ever more frequently) then He cannot author sin/wrong/evil. However, since He created each of us and knows us thoroughly, he does not predestine us but rather, His thorough/complete/perfect knowledge of us "knows" our every action, in time, by which we, until we die, are bound, but He is not. This gives the appearance to us of His seeming concurrence with sin/wrong/evil. But THAT is OUR mistaken perception, not factual reality. The events of time exist only "in" God. He is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. He knows all events as they all ALREADY exist in Him, before WE experience them. Consequently, what is our present reality AND our future reality are co-existent in God, who contains all time. he has not determined those events. His creations have determined those events, but He knows every event, NOW.

Therefore, God allows us to use our free will, freely, consequences and all. Good and Bad.
But the results are our responsibility, not His. Sin/wrong/evil are our bidding, not His. We, each of us, are their author, with each choice we make.

Consequently, I think the way you wrote what you did, may not precisely reflect what you mean, because it does not seem consistent with the brand of Catholicism that, I think(as honestly as I can recollect) I was taught.

These are just my two bits.

Regarding Jorge Bergoglio.

He is responsible for and will be held to account, probably to a higher standard than most of us because of the position he holds, for his thoughts and his actions and his words.

As I will for my own...

He was taught to, objectively and scrupulously, seek the truth, independent of his own, particular, biases and leanings, just as I was. He was taught to develop and maintain an authentically, specifically, Catholic conscience.

One of the manifestations of objectivity and the pursuit of truth, when it is actually practiced seriously, is attempting to understand things as completely as possible. That DOES NOT INCLUDE, intentionally being deaf and blind to other perspectives. Actually, those other perspectives MUST BE THOROUGHLY CONSIDERED or one is wrong, objectively. Those other perspectives may, ultimately, be found to be in error. BUT, they MUST BE CONSIDERED, or one cannot reach the necessary moral certainty, which I believe is the Catholic standard for actions when the use of judgment is required on an issue.

Therefore, by failing to even address, as best I understand things have occurred or not occurred, the concerns of those who have asked, in public, that certain issues be addressed and contemplated, thoroughly, Jorge Bergoglio, IS NOT FOLLOWING THE SPECIFIC PROTOCOL, OF OBJECTIVITY, THAT IS NECESSARY TO MAKE A JUST JUDGMENT.





Anonymous said...

So, Father, to address your quote from above:

The current Pope is NOT doing God's bidding. The current Pope is doing his own bidding.
God is allowing the current Pope that leeway. BUT:

In my opinion, the current Pope knows EXACTLY what he is doing. My guess is that this is how he has been since the dawning of his adulthood. His manner of speech, does not seem inclusive, much less giving a fair listen to those whose opinions may/might differ from his. Now, this is fine to hold a different opinion than others. But, it is NOT FINE to fail to consider other opinons.

Failing to address concerns mentioned in public by many people with experience and appropriate backgrounds to have opinions worth hearing out, is indefensible.


Any conclusions drawn and enacted legally/canonically under such circumstances is criminal.

Objectively, criminal; prima facie.

Even if the current Pope's decisions, ultimately, are proven, objectively correct, his behavior, in public, at present, is criminal and it demands a full accounting. That accounting must be independent and made by people, independent of coercion, false loyalty, obligation to others in positions of authority/consequence, who are well trained in the objective pursuit of truth, but from a traditional(not Traditionalist) Catholic understanding of conscience.

Any other standard has no legitimacy considering what is at stake here.

His being correct, which I think, ultimately, is impossible, is no alibi for his behavior in public.

Finally, truly, this is not happening by chance.


TTC said...


It's hard to stop the bleeding when the overwhelming majority of Bishops are programming the people we love not to bother with the absolution of sins. But it does make a difference when the Pope is faithful because he is supposed to and is presumed to be articulating what the Church actually teaches. Now that we have a Pope obstructing absolution of sins, Church teaching loses its credibility all together. Making it difficult to impossible to ever get the person to salvation. That effects every generation that follows.

Furthermore, unfaithful bishops are generally craven and consequently reluctant to publicly put their heresy into full throttle when there is a faithful pope. But look how brazen they are now that they know the pope supports their contempt for Church teaching. The decibel level of heresy is deafening and that has terrible consequences for the unchatechized and misled. It helps heresy to gain traction.

TTC said...

Father, You are spot on about not identifying yourself by name in comments on blogs! No need to tip your hand to the luminaries in a chancery!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The blunt is an intention style. I've found that reductio ad absurdum is processed more effectively with people who act in bad faith. It leaves little room for excuses. But I don't want my writings to come off as crude! You have no idea how hard I work to temper what I'd like to say - LOL! To me, crude is using swear words and being vulgar - which is not my nature - though I wouldn't hold myself up as a paragon of virtue. Next time something is coming off as crude, let me know, so I can see what you mean and correct it.

With respect to Pope Francis, many of us worked decades to try to form consciences of our family with the moral compass of the Church. I'm not one to buy into the concept that parents, a priest, or bishop or pope who misleads a soul with heresy is doing the work of God. Leading souls with heresy actually is doing the bidding of the devil. A pope has free will and their choices are consistent with Adam or Christ - just like the rest of us.

But I agree with you 100% that talk that sedevacanist talk that Vatican II is false and the Pope is not the real pope is off of the reservation!

TTC said...

Karl, thank you for hanging on to Christ and sharing your journey with all of us here at TTC. We've all been there done that and pray our own experiences encourage you to stay tethered.

TTC said...

Michael - Your reminder to keep the Holy Father in daily prayer is so important! Thank you...

Michael Dowd said...

Karl--Good work. Continue doing what you are doing. You are an excellent example of one who stands up for the Truth, for God. God Bless you.

Anonymous said...

I cannot engage you in comments on a blog, especially one that is not my own. I am sorry for that.
You are clearly an intelligent man, and very well versed in the Catholic faith, however, you need spiritual guidance, as do all of the faithful, especially in these very trying times. Therefore, I wish to encourage you to seek out a good, faithful, traditional priest for spiritual direction. I do not know where you live but I am confident that good, faithful, traditional clergy can be found in every diocese and country. However, one needs to search for them (sadly - that is a sign of the times).
United to Jesus Christ (and His Church) we stand. Divided (the work of the father of lies) we fall. Karl, please seek out a spiritual director / confessor so that you may survive these heresy fill days, as you so correctly point out. It is going to get a LOT worse now, and quickly I think, before it gets any better. I am praying that you can find good spiritual direction for encouragement and strength to engage in the great battle that lies ahead.
Praised be Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother, now and forever! Amen.


TTC said...

Karl, I absolutely second what Fr said!!!!

If you want some help with finding one in your area you can post general
Location or contact me by email.