Sunday, November 12, 2017

Ma, che sei grullo?”

The latest article at Crux depicts some kind of power struggle over the prolife committee that will become the sled dog for the Pope's agenda to abandon the victims of abortion.

The election is viewed by many as a referendum on both the conference's approach to pro-life policies and Pope Francis.

Please. I don't see how the election of Cupich would have any effect upon the actual numbers of lives saved. He will have the capacity to blow his sulfur around Washington DC but he's already been tarred and feathered so I don't see how he could make it any worse.

The USCCB has done nothing but aid and abet politicians who make government the sponsor of mass murders of innocents. Bishop Naumann needs to tie his effective leadership to that ball and chain like he needs diabetes.

Should the conference fail to select Cupich as its next head, it will likely be viewed as an effort to quell the resurrection of the consistent life ethic approach - a decision that will reveal not merely where the bishops stand on pro-life policy, but more broadly, how they understand the “Francis effect” in action.

Having any expectation that the election by this notorious see of wimps is a litmus test for the election of the next pope doesn't gel for me.

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