Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Cardinal Law, Kind and Loving Shepherd, Requiescat in Pace!

Today, there is no more suffering, no more lies, no more slander. The loss of Cardinal Law is felt by many who knew and loved him.

If ever there was a soul who deserved the prayers "rest in peace", it is Cardinal Law!

It took me some time to find news coverage on Cardinal Law's death that I could stomach and link to, but I finally found one here.

I even tried the Pilot, but I was not the least bit happy with what I found there - Cardinal O'Malley's 'statement'.

I'm sure I am being overly-sensitive, and admit a lot of thought had to go into a statement from the current Cardinal, but the 'statement' derails. It's emphasis on apology and blaming him for the dysfunction and mishandling sexual abuse inside the Church, though sadly typical, in reality is an invention of those looking for a scapegoat - many of whom are enemies of Church teaching. The Archdiocese never should have, nor should it now-especially at Cardinal Law's death, be following them down this rabbit hole.

For the love of God, give it a rest.

Did Cardinal Law make bad decisions? Of course. But, as we are watching the many ways victims of sexual predators respond to abuse in Hollywood - Cardinal Law actually didn't do anything different than everybody else. To this day.

The sad reality is, some victims looked for ways to profit from inappropriate and criminal sexual conduct. The Church was a big turkey to pluck. And pluck they did.

For instance, it should not go unnoticed nor unmentioned that there is NO moral outrage over Ashley Judd's confession that everyone knew, or should have known Harvey Weinstein was a sexual predator, and when Weinstein propositioned her, she offered him sex for a role that would win her an Oscar. This is a woman who pitches herself as a spokesperson for women 'victims'. The world accepts her handling of the cover up of sexual abuse by offering herself as a prostitute for money and power.

There is plenty of indefensible corruption and dysfunction in the Church. I've dedicated a lot of time in twenty-plus years writing about it. I have no intention of being politically correct about Cardinal Law. Many of us feel blessed to have known real man, priest and Cardinal. I don’t think anyone in the history of civilization was more lied about and slandered. My prayer is that the Archbishop and media sources in the Archdiocese take the high road.

Let me tell you something interesting. My youngest, who was blessed to served Cardinal Law as an altar server, sent me the news of Cardinal Law's death last night. Confined, I wrote a few friends of Cardinal Law, sending my condolences, and told a little story about how I came to know and love the Cardinal. I've told the story a few times on the blog, but sharing it this time, I was reminded of something. If a Cardinal can be hoodwinked and lied to, so can a Pope. I realize there's a lot more going on in Rome, but the power struggles are not helping.

Lord Acton was not exaggerating. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I'm sharing a little of what I wrote to the grieving - as a reminder.

Many years before I personally met the Cardinal (mid-90sish), many Catholic parents in suburbs were struggling with some way-out-there-with Pluto catechesis of our children. We would call the Chancery and we’d be told, the Cardinal OK’d it. I couldn’t believe it – it was so inconsistent with what I heard him say. So one day, I decided to go talk to him myself. I’m not even sure what incident it was—I think it was the time the Chancery Office for Worship was coming to suburbs saying they were going to pull the Reservation of the Blessed Sacrament from the Worship Space –completely!—Christ was only supposed to be reserved in the Sacristy for Viaticum—and they were instituting all kinds of nutty changes to the Mass. We were going to use pita bread, laity was going to come into the Sanctuary at Consecration and Hold up Christ at Elevation and help the priest break the pita bread into pieces—it was NUTS! I called the Cardinal’s office and his staff said he approved it. I had been to his Masses, knew how controlling he was about serving Christ with perfection in the Sacred Liturgy. I KNEW I was either being lied to, or he was losing his marbles!

So, I packed up the kids and came to the Cathedral, stood in the back line at the back of the Church –young toddlers in tow acting up—and when I got to him, I briefly explained what was happening and said I called the Chancery and they said you approved it.

There was enough steam coming out of his ears to get a spaceship to the moon! He told me I was being lied to and it would be yanked the next morning. He also told me to come directly to him about legitimate, serious problems. And I did. I’d meet him after Mass and tell him such and such was happening. And he always set the crooked lines straight.

How he suffered for the Church! How grateful I am for the many people who stayed by his side to love and console him. Thank you for all you did during his life! Prayers this morning that Christ richly rewards you!

I hadn’t seen him since the day before he left for Rome. I always wanted to see him again. I never got the feeling that we were convincing him of the exaggerations and demonic stuff happening behind the fatwa against him. I always wanted to try again.

But today, he knows! Today, our Beloved Christ has consoled him—and I know he finally understands he was a victim of the battle between the principalities and powers. Yes, he played a hand or two – just like the rest of us – but a great deal of his suffering and guilt foisted upon him is today relieved. For that I am grateful. Prayers for him and for all of us who knew and loved him.

Would very much appreciate prayers for the repose of his soul and for consolation for those who loved him.


Kathleen1031 said...

You have my sympathy, and God rest his soul. I have no real idea of anyone's guilt or innocence in anything. The men who ignored even one incidence of the sexual molestation of a boy or young man (the usual victims)will face God in His good time. We should not ever tolerate them or anyone who covers for them, not ever, it is a crime so vile and destructive of young lives. We often don't consider the lifetime pain these boys and young men had inflicted on them, a sexual molestation by someone of the same sex causes such incredible questioning of identity. It can cause that child to later become the very same kind of predator he suffered from and which turned his life to chaos. Marriage, family, these can all be forever altered by the perverted actions of one, sick man. To imagine that man would be a Catholic priest is enough to make one's head reel, it is so horrible, yet that is the painful reality we must face as Catholics, many of our priests, bishops, Cardinals, are sodomites. This was not faced, has not been faced, and look how our church and world suffer for it. Now, in Wisconsin, a priest comes out as gay and look, all the parishioners stood up for a standing ovation! Maybe they have not read that the reputable John Jay study showed that 81% of the victims of priestly sexual abuse were MALE, making this a homosexual predator problem, not a "pedophilia" problem at all. The boys are predominantly from the age of 11 to 17, which is a very appealing age to pederasts.

What I will say, is back in the day when this horror began to be revealed, it was thought that some psychological "intervention" could stop these men. We now know that homosexual predators, or their perverted cousins pedophiles, usually see nothing wrong with what they have done. It was "love" that caused them to do it. They are NOT usually sorry, and the sexual obsession gets demonstrated the next time they have access to a vulnerable young male. Go ahead Moms and Dads, put your children in situations with gay "Father". You are monstrously derelict in your duty if you do. And that this has been ignored by our popes and church is a shame on OUR heads as well. We continue to support a church that largely has refused to deny entrance to the priesthood by men who have not the calling nor the ability to serve as God's good priests. Now up to the very rafters of our church there is nothing but dissension, perversion, and vindictive, effeminate, anger, which gets expressed by Rome and their minions in many ways.
God help us. May God truly help little boys, young men, and old men, who suffered under the hands of gay "Father".
Please excuse my rant on your blog. This struck a nerve.

Kd said...

First thought last night when I heard the news, how it was presented was the devil trying to ruin another Holy Season! Give it a rest ! Yes the man made a BIG Mistake, he got caught, someone had to be the scapegoat but it was more like yay yay the witch is dead. The Cardinal did do a lot to keep the local parishes orthodox- when the New Code of Canon Law came out omitting forbidding Catholics membership in the Mason's I wrote the Cardinal, the result? HE issued a Letter in behalf of the Whole Church that although it wasn't in Canon Law it still was forbidden. I'm sure the Cardinal suffered greatly and was at peace with God at death but I have and will pray for his soul. Mercy.

code monkey said...

I never met the Cardinal but I wouldn't / couldn't read any of the articles about his death either. May perpetual light shine upon him.

S said...

RIP. His salvation is in Good's hands. He wrote a person recommendation for Paul Shanley knowing full well his crimes was a pro-life pacifist, given his pedigree was a likely free mason, I personally witnessed his fund raising efforts with Maciel in Rome, his apparent boy-toy piano playing chauffer at the least looked inappropriate and he had a special way with the irrelevant orthodox 'ladies' whom he believed to be a threat to his operations. Yes he had a special place in his heart for those who licked his shoes. I will offer a rosary for his soul today. May Gods justice always prevale.

S said...

Rosary complete.
"Some victims looked to profit"
Really? At this point? Seriously? The Church gave away $4billion in the faithfuls money in the U.S. To cover for its buggery network. The faithful would have been better served by their execution, and i would bet most victims would have prefered it rather than be payed to be diddled. I'm over it. But nobody gets to re-write history.

TTC said...

S, I have a hard time with people who call the corporation to get a handout rather than calling the police. I'm sorry to say, they are every bit as guilty in the cover up.

S said...

Rosay complete

S said...

Rosary complete

Fr. VF said...

66% of American bishops protected molesters.

I turned against Cardinal Law when I read about a young man who confronted him at a church. He told Cardinal law about having been abused. Cardinal laws response was, You are now bound by the Seal of Confession. If you ever speak of this again to anyone, you are excommunicated.

1) There had been no confession;

2) Penitents are not bound by the Seal.

This is such a preposterous, abusive lie, it is impossible to believe that Cardinal Law was not corrupt.

I certainly hope he was able to repent eventually.

S said...

I have a problem with people who are in denial.
You don't think the police were notified?
"view the molestation of minors by homosexual predators in the priesthood as a psychiatric disorder requiring treatment, and offering the possibility of rehabilitation, rather than understanding it for what it actually was, a monstrous crime which deserved immediate prosecution and prolonged incarceration."

Ya sure, because the Cardinal didn't understand the mechanics of Rape.
Get real.
I will stand by my views on Cardinal Law rather than hold sacred glowing press releases.

TTC said...

Fr, I read through a lot of documents way back then and remember trying to substantiate that and my recoillectuon was it was a he said from an unreliable source but I would have to do more digging to confirm. I can say that I agree with you that if that was said, it's a violation and abuse of power.

TTC said...

A, you are free to stand on your views. I can only say that the amount of work I did reading files was comprehensive and police were not notified in most cases from my recollection.

Maria said...

You say that "Cardinal Law actually didn't do anything different than everybody else" but isn't that the point? He was a man of God and because he was should have done differently. No amount of money will ever mend the broken lives of those victimized twice, the priests who violated then and the priests who re-violated them by looking the other way. Had he and all the other priests who looked away bore witness to the truth, perhaps our church might now now be run by sodomites. May God have mercy on his soul.

Maria said...

You say that "Cardinal Law actually didn't do anything different than everybody else" but isn't that the point? He was a man of God and because he was should have done differently. No amount of money will ever mend the broken lives of those victimized twice, the priests who violated then and the priests who re-violated them by looking the other way. Had he and all the other priests who looked away bore witness to the truth, perhaps our church might not now be run by sodomites. May God have mercy on his soul.