Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Catholics Who Live with No Firm Purpose of Amendment

Fr. Ripperger defines a recidivist.

I worry that the Holy Father's is sentencing future generations of Catholics with some of these characteristics

  • No intention to change his/her ways.
  • No improvement in avoiding sin.
  • No attempt to overcome and root out vice and sin.
  • No contrition for sin

As Father Ripperger brilliantly explains (as usual!), people living this way have no remedy for defects in their disposition.

Catholics following the instructions of Pope Francis are being brainwashed into following their sinful appetites.

What a curve ball in the decaying culture of death. I always anticipated that Christ's promises would mean the battles would be external and the Holy Father would help us preserve our children from the wiles of the devil outside of the Church. I'm stressing out that he's joined the chorus of brainwashing diabolical nonsense!

I've read where Ed Peters and others are finding consolation that the Holy Father's attempt to incorporate heresy into the Magisterium did not abrogate Canon 915.

I can't get any traction with the thrill.

I suppose they are thinking for those awake, alert and oriented, this gives them the Canonical license to reject the counterfeit "magisterium", without opening oneself to disciplinary actions?

Where the rubber hits the road, we have a solid 40% of priests who are unfaithful that will use the counterfeit 'magisterium' to mislead people we love. Maybe I'm underestimating how the canons will come into play, so please feel free to set me straight if there's something I'm not seeing - but I just don't see how that is going to help us. I suppose it means it will be all the more important to get out of parishes with priests who teach apostasy but an awful lot of people will be putting a lot of mileage on their cars.


Anonymous said...

40%? You are too much the optimist.

Tsk, Tsk.....upwards of 75%.


Michael Dowd said...

Pope Francis has abandoned Catholic doctrine. Accordingly, he is a heretic and therefore no longer Pope. That is my position and probably that of others. Whatever ex-Pope Francis says no longer has validity.

TLM said...

I do agree with you Michael Dowd! Francis has 'apostatized from the true faith'. And, as far as I can see, he has done this FORMALLY. Cannon Lawyers are all over the map with this latest 'development', in which comes the predicted 'debate'; Is he a 'formal' heretic with this publication, or is this just his 'personal' opinion? ....and the debate continues. They seem to be rather split down the middle in their 'analysis'. But keep in mind that even Canon Lawyers are either part of the traditional camp or the 'modernist' camp. The real problem comes in when he and his henchmen begin to 'excommunicate' those that do not 'adhere to the (his idea of, which is heresy) faith'. Whether technically speaking this is formal heresy, doesn't really matter. They are acting as if this heresy is formal Church teaching and we are BOUND to it. I'm telling you, unless the Bishops step in and present him with the Formal Correction, heads will ROLL. As I've said previously, now the real fun begins. NOW the crisis gets REAL for all of us.

Michael Dowd said...

TLM. My bet is on the "heads rolling" alternative--but only a very few. So far there has been little opposition from the Bishops to nearly all of Pope Francis outrages, so why would we expect Bishops to have a sudden change of conscience? Bishops might simply think that if they don't permit Francis',(what will become known as a), "doctrinal interpretation" in their diocese they will be OK with God or something like that. They are awfully good at casuistry.

Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas said...

Yes, you are too much of an optimist.

Having no education in Cannon Law, perhaps I am completely unfit to form a valid judgment, yet I WILL say that Jorge Bergoglio was a heretic even before he was installed as pope.

Bergoglio likes to accuse us of legalism. I am not in this group. There is plenty of written and video material of his heretical views and undertakings even in Argentina. They were the reason why this person was installed in the Chair of Peter.

The harm his fundamental transformation of the Church causes, is impossible to overestimate. I had a conversation yesterday with a person who presented himself as a 33d degree Freemason. While I should be able to quickly demonstrate to him that Freemasonry is incompatible with Catholicism, having been our enemy for centuries, under the current leadership I sounded like a fool. Don't I know that proselytism is sheer nonsense, that all roads lead to heaven, that there is no hell (only total cannibalization of a few bad souls), and humanitarian endeavors are sufficient for salvation?

This is just one example of how this pope has demolished the Church, how he continues to provide the enemy with weapons against us.

Osusanna said...

Improvement? Contrition? They don't even believe in sin anymore.

Michael Dowd said...

We need God to step in here to show whose Boss. Pope Francis has created a license to sin which by anyone's definition is the scandal to end all scandals.

TTC said...

Gee, I was going to say 30%!

I'm still in denial!