Monday, February 12, 2018

Parolin Denies Christ as Divine Interpreter of Truth

It's really spooky how brazenly diabolical this papacy conducts its affairs.

I somehow missed some of Parolin's statements in this gem:

The Vatican's Secretary of State defends the indefensible by denying the existence of Christ and His Authority to interpret Truth.

Where does one start?

This might possibly be the worst collection of lies from a Vatican spokesperson in the history of Christendom.

The cardinal also said “no one should cling to the spirit of opposition to condemn his brother or use the past as an excuse to stir up new resentments and closures,” and said some might be asked to “make a sacrifice” for the greater good of the Chinese Church.

Parolin also said the Church’s pastors should help the faithful “to recognize in the pope’s guidance the sure reference point for grasping God’s plan in the present circumstances.”

Christ's people must sacrifice their salvation and the salvation of their descendants 'for the greater good' of the governments counterfeit church.

The 'greater good'.

The Holy See has always maintained a pastoral approach, trying to overcome the contrasts and making itself available for a respectful and constructive dialogue with the civil authorities,” he said.

You can always count on them to be helpful to torturers and murderers. They pastorally and respectfully handed the Chinese government the hammer and nails that bound Christ to His instruments of torture and death.

Parolin said it was important to remember there are not two Churches in China, “but two communities of faithful called to follow a gradual path of reconciliation towards unity.”

“It is not, therefore, a matter of maintaining a perennial conflict between opposing principles and structures, but of finding realistic pastoral solutions that allow Catholics to live their faith and to continue together the work of evangelization in the specific Chinese context,” he said, adding that the point of the current dialogue is “safeguarding communion within the Church, in the wake of genuine Tradition and constant ecclesiastical discipline.”

It is absolutely astonishing that they would deny the existence of a counterfeit church teaching doctrinal heresies and suggest that surrendering our families to it is 'safeguarding communion WITHIN the Church'.

The lies are...just astonishing.

Here, Parolin suggests heresy and apostasy are consistent with Church teaching:

Speaking to La Stampa, Parolin said different points of view are allowed in the Church, but said he was convinced that part of the suffering experienced by the Church in China is not so much due to the will of individuals as to the objective complexity of the situation.

“Expressions such as power, betrayal, resistance, surrender, confrontation, failure, compromise, should make room for others, such as service, dialogue, mercy, forgiveness, reconciliation, collaboration, communion,” he said. “If you are not prepared to change this approach, there is a serious problem.”

They've got a serious problem on their hands all right. Nobody practicing the fiat of living every day in a state of grace is going to collaborate with the destruction of the price of our salvation.


M. Prodigal said...

It is almost beyond belief. But we know the faithful in Japan remained underground for centuries and maintained; the underground in China must do the same and this is heroic. The difference is that the underground Catholics in Japan in the time of persecution were not 'thrown under the bus' and denied that they were even Catholic by the powers that be in the Vatican. The Vatican is now a cesspool. We may all have to go 'underground' as that cesspool goes hand in glove with the evils of the world.

Anonymous said...

Judaizing writ large is what this is. "Come down off the cross and we'll believe you!" Parolin should change his name to Annas or Caiaphas.

Anonymous said...

Judaizing, judaizing, judaizing. "Don't speak in That Name anymore!" Parolin is one with the murderers of Our Blessed Lord.

Anonymous said...

This entire story, via The Vatican,reminds me of:

"The Russian Orthodox Church was an instrument of the state. The best illustration of this is probably the 1949 “Greetings from the clergy and laity of the Russian Orthodox Church to the leader of the nations of the USSR, the Generalissimus Joseph Stalin on his 70th birthday.” It states, in part:

Witnessing at every step your noble efforts to make people’s lives peaceful and happy, we see in your person not only a great statesman and leader, guiding the lives of people in a new direction of history, but also a fatherly, caring trustee of all aspects of our human existence with all its various needs."

Sound familiar????

TLM said...

It's really difficult to wrap your head around the EVIL that is permeating from these prelates at the VERY TOP of the hierarchy. What amazes me is that Satan is not even hiding any more. He's right out in the open working through these deviant ugly men. The Church of Christ is still alive and well with the faithful, but you won't find it in Rome. The Church in Rome is the church of Satan, and that's pretty much obvious for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear.

By Thy Holy and Immaculate Conception, Oh Mary, deliver us from evil!!

Michael Dowd said...

"Speaking to La Stampa, Parolin said different points of view are allowed in the Church, but said he was convinced that part of the suffering experienced by the Church in China is not so much due to the will of individuals as to the objective complexity of the situation".

To translate the obfuscation: "Objective complexity of the situation". What is being discussed is: good vs. evil, Christ vs. anti-christ, Traditional Catholic doctrine vs. heresy.