Friday, February 9, 2018

The Dems are on the Run

A little break from the antics of the Romans...

The Dems are on the run. A second Nunes Memo is coming. People elected President Trump because of his willingness to fight and outsmart the Democrats in their own dirty games, putting them on the defense.

You want to allege corruption and criminal collaboration with Russians in the election of POTUS? President Trump will respond by gathering and publishing facts that incriminate the Dems.

You want to be a political party that fights against American citizens? President Trump will respond by publishing materials that expose that political agenda.

You want to be the political party of malice towards God, our military, our police? President Trump will invoke God's assistance and blessings and protection, express his support and pride for military and law enforcement.

President Trump is exceeding the expectations of everyone who voted for him to do what he is doing.

Loving it. Can't wait for the military parade!


Anonymous said...

I hope you are correct.


TLM said...

Yes, I 'think' you are CORRECT!! The President's actions match his words. This is how you evaluate the situation. 'Watch what they SAY and what they DO.' He is not only talking the talk, he is also WALKING THE WALK.

Michael Dowd said...

Yes, yes, yes. Trump is the perfect president for the most imperfect of times. Let us thank God for him. As we know the Lord operates in mysterious ways.

Now we need to replace "Pope" Francis with a real Pope who will go after a the "Dems" in the Catholic Church.