Monday, February 19, 2018

The Stumbling Blocks in Front of the Blind

Yesterday on facebook, somebody posted that he didn't like being Catholic anymore.

I thought this person had to be pulling my leg. What's there not to be head-over-heels-in-love?!

But he was serious. Another poor soul advised him to seek refuge in a 'non-denominational church' (what the heck is that?!) because they don't "require" things like Confession, Jesus didn't 'require' Confession, so it was ok to find a place to 'worship' that doesn't have so many rules, works are not necessary - blah, blah.

Ugh. Our people are a hot mess.

I tried to explain that the entire purpose for Christ's Incarnation was to quite literally, leave us His Body and Blood, Sacraments for the Absolution of our sins to gain entry into Heaven, etc., and the Catholic Church was exclusively IT, but she was too far out on the limb with Shirley MacLaine.

I thought of her today when I heard today's readings.

Everything you need to know about the falsehoods of other 'churches' is right there in these two readings.


Michael Davitt said...

Thank you for the story.

It reminded me of a "T-shirt" that was being sold at
Boston's Trinity (Episcopal) Church.

The front of the shirt stated: The Episcopal church - All the grandeur
without the guilt.

Michael Dowd said...

We can blame most of what's happening on Vatican II with it's intent to make all of us Protestants. This has worked all too well as we all know. Nearly everybody on birth control, hardly anybody in confession, annulment factory churning 'em out like no tomorrow, and a Pope who's running for President of the World. Vatican II must be abrogated in it's entirety as it is a catastrophe for the Church.

Anonymous said...

So many many are lost. They’re good “Christians” or so they’ve been led to believe. Who exactly was Jesus talking to when He said, “who’s sins you shall forgive are forgiven? They believe it was a figure of speech, they believe they are predestined and don’t need to do anything but live a good “Christian” life. They’ve already been saved by accepting Jesus, There’s no convincing these lost souls. Yes, there are many mansions but only ONE where The Beautific Vision lives. That’s the view I want! And that is reserved for Catholics in the State of Grace. All we can do is plant seeds, God has to do the watering.