Thursday, March 22, 2018

I hope they don't ask him about Ouija Boards

Pope Francis gives his blessing to tattoos.

Asked about tattoos and other expressions of modern culture by a seminarian from Ukraine, the pope said that the problem is that some people exaggerate by covering their body with tattoos, but “the problem is the exaggeration, not the tattoos.”

Don’t be afraid of tattoos,” the pope responded, noting that for many years Eritrean Christians and others have gotten tattoos of the cross on their foreheads.

“Of course, there can be exaggerations,” the pope said, remarking that people who get too many tattoos cannot give blood because of a “danger of blood poisoning.”

A tattoo “is a sign of belonging,” Francis said, and offers an opportunity to strike up a conversation with young people about what matters to them “and then you can enter into the culture of the young.”

“But do not panic,” he said. “With young people you should never be frightened, never! Because always, even behind the not-so-good things, there is something that will get us to some truth.”

I'm pretty sure he wasn't giving his blessing to tattoos, but I think his point would have been better made if he said something like 'the tattoo is a symptom of a bigger problem, so when you see them, use your pastoral gifts to open conversation with the ultimate goal of healing the wound with Sacraments.'

I hope they don't ask him about Ouija boards!


Anonymous said...

This man is clearly an idiot! That he is allowed to continue to occupy the See of Peter, is a clear sign that the Catholic Church needs to be dissolved. The hierarchy is little different than he is. The sooner ALL Catholic Churches are shuttered, the better.


Anonymous said...

So much for our bodies being temples of The Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...


Love your comment: "I hope they don't ask him about Ouija boards!"

But according to a wise sage (?): WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE!

TTC said...

Karl, prayers for you at Mass this morning!!

I’m very worried that you are separating yourself from Christ and His Divinity over the foolishness of others!

When you think about His Church, you have to see it as Christ on His journey during His three years on earth. His destination is much longer, but from the moment He left His Body and Blood for our salvation, His Church began the same journey. We are all of the characters in the Gospels. We take different roles according to our spiritual state. We are the cowards and betrayers. We are Magdalene rubbing Christ’s feet with oil. We are St Joseph and the Blessed Mither caring for our families and loved ones, people in the community. We are the Pharisees turning over Christ to His enemies.

The goal is to be St John who just sat by His side and loved and consoled Him. Or, St John the Baptist, evangelizing the teachings of the Church,

Peter and Paul had their moments of doubt and cowardice. Christ did not abandon them! He prayed for their conversion so that Satan would not sift us all like wheat.

The pope is no different from the rest of us. As Christ’s Apsostle, he can deny Christ in his moments of coelwardice and weakness. But Peter ponies up and upon him, Christ builds His Church.

Please, prayerfully consider returning to the Sacraments, sitting in Adoration to keep Christ company as He finishes His journey here on earth. Keep your finger on the pulse of which character and role you are playing and use Sanctifying Grace to get where you need to be.
Christ is the victim of everyone’s foolishness, whether the pope, you or me.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your kindness.


Sam Sham said...

Everyone should stop confusing Bergoglio and his henchmen (although they are a clear super majority) with the Church. These heretics and apostates simply occupy traditional Catholic real estate. The opponents of Athanasius did the same in his time. The problem now is that despite truth and faith it will, seemingly, be impossible to ever evict this lot.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous March 23, 2018 at 7:19 AM

A wiser and Catholic sage gave us The Spiritual Works of Mercy which include

Instructing the ignorant - Learn about our faith and be open to talking with others about our beliefs. There is always something more to discover about our faith.

Admonishing the sinner - Do not judge, but be supportive in helping others find their way and correct their mistakes. Together we can learn to walk more closely with Christ.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous March 24, at 9:05AM,

The ignorant(and that is being incredibly charitable of me, nearly, saintly in fact) are our Catholic leadership, especially the clergy.

WE are admonishing them, but THEY are ignoring it.

THEIR idea of accompaniment/admonition/instruction is a multigender, literal and spiritual, GANG BANG, where they support open rape, and public and permanent adultery, and THEY participate in it through their public support of it. A spouse who has been wrongly abandoned and therefore, DOES NOT CONSENT TO IT, is IN FACT being raped and if their spouse is sleeping with a lover of the opposite sex, their rape is homosexual in nature. It is not figurative, only. It is VERY, VERY REAL!!

The Catholic hierarchy are disgusting, filthy pigs.

We all sin, but these folks have taken their spiritual orgy well beyond the limits!!

May God forgive me for my outrage and for my own sin. But, what is being taught by the Catholic Hierarchy is scandalous and degrading beyond any normal boundaries.


Kathleen1031 said...

I hear you Karl, and it takes a toll, it does. It is wrenching to have to watch this day in and day out. There are days I can't take it and need to do something else. I've spent the last five years obsessing on the computer, what are they doing TODAY. And after all the reading and commenting and what all, I'm not sure it did any good at all and probably took time off my life. I've just tried to do my part, as I'm sure you have.
But what matters more is our relationship with Jesus Christ. For myself I want to spend less time on this stuff than I have in the past. It's all according to God's holy and permitting will, and if He allows this confusion and mess, I certainly can't stop it. We have a bigger responsibility, to live. We have people who need us, who we can perhaps help as we journey, and we've got to concern ourselves with getting into Purgatory, please God. That's a lot more important than any tiny thing I might do by following and commenting on this rotten church. And it's rotten, you are correct. They have the power and the real estate. We have the faith.
Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

"we've got to concern ourselves with getting into Purgatory, please God"

Big, AMEN!


Anonymous said...

"we've got to concern ourselves with getting into Purgatory, please God"

Christ died and rose so you wouldn't have to go to Purgatory. Isn't that why we commemorate Good Friday and celebrate Easter?

S said...

I hope they DO ask him about Ouija boards!
And when he answers "it is a child's game, that does no harm"
The V2 sheep will continue to question their faith on the way
to perdition. lead astray by enemies of the Faith.
There is no "benefit of a doubt" for the Devil.

Tatoos have always been considered body mutilation
and vanity at best. A forgivable sin, but a sin nonetheless.

You know, if you still believe in sin and all that stuff.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 9:15 PM March 25, 2018

For me, I will be grateful to squeeze into Purgatory.

My faith is all but gone. I remain Catholic, mostly
by default/inertia and for my mother, who passed on her
faith and for our children, so I don't destroy theirs.

But, I don't desire to argue about it. However, it
is not a question of another Christian faith or any
faith. If I abandon Catholicism, I will abandon God,
altogether and very likely hate Him with utter disdain.