Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Brazilian Jackhole Uses Drone for Monstrance Reserving the Divinity of Christ

I sometimes wonder if priests who pull these kinds of stunts smoke pot. What else but hallucinogenic drugs would make them do something so bizarre?

Brazil is a mess. Here's a story of a Brazilian bishop who plopped himself into Dante's Inferno to tell the chained prisoners it's linked to Christ and salvation.

We had a jackhole or two in Boston who would pull stunts like this back in the glory days of wildliturgical shenanigans. I'm not sure we'll see a resurgence. The internet and blogs drove most of this kind of misconduct right back to hell where it belongs. This priest is getting pummeled. The likelihood anyone else in Christendom is going to try using a drone for the Eucharist is nonexistent.

Criticism and humiliation is a fools best friend.


Anonymous said...

Well that’s a sacralidge- and a GOOD reason why The laity should not be allowed to touch The Eucharist. Shame on that Bishop.

Anonymous said...


Why would any rational being want to join such a Church filled with IDIOTS?


TTC said...


Because it is the only place to receive the Sacraments and Divinity of Christ. The better question is, what kind of idiot would go anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

Not this idiot.

The other "Christian" denominations are just worse adulterers, which Rome seems to be doing its best to imitate.

In doing so Rome is making Catholicism irrelevent to the large majority. It will wither to a remnant. That is clearly happening now.

Only God knows what the future holds.


jmbutk said...

I am sure Poop Francis would approve!

S said...

Form, matter, intent for validity. I believe Fr. Drone's actions indicate he does not grasp nor believes in the true presence. I would think it would be ill advised to assist in any Mass he offers.

nazareusrex said...

Redemptorist priest during Easter Vigil desecrated the Church and celebrated an invalid Mass in the Parish of São Geraldo Majella Brazil