Friday, April 27, 2018

Legal and Ethical Problems in Latest Developments in Alfie Evans Case

Very important ethical problems with the hospital's issued demands for Alfie's release to his parents for home care.

The hospital made the statement they would only 'consider' releasing Alfie if the attitude of the parents changed.

The hospital is not holding Alfie because of a medical condition. They are holding Alfie because of public criticism of their cruelty, imprisonment and attempted murder.

What legal and ethical authority does a hospital have to impose the cessation of public criticism as the benchmark for releasing a patient from a hospital?

This is actually an outrageous development.

There is basis for a hospital to argue they need the legal authority to detain Alfie because the conditions to keep him medically stable or comfortable can only be achieved at the hospital.

But, let's think this through.

In this case, we have doctors who, in fact, want the child's condition to deteriorate. They tell the court Alfie will only live minutes after withdrawing life support. When they withdraw life support and Alfie wouldn't die, they attempted to kill him through starvation.

Sadly, for the family, Liverpool is burdened with a rat of an archbishop who makes the claim that the starvation of a non-dying child - which by the way is a violation of Church teaching - was the hospital's way of 'doing everything humanly possible to help Alfie'.

There certainly is no shortage of liars and murderers in the episcopal see. Every time one opens their mouth to display their forked tongue, we see why Christ sweat His Precious Blood in the Garden of Gethesemene. Fr. Longenecker has an excellent analysis of this no good episcopal cretin HERE.

If the medical conditions of palliative care for a child breathing on his own is hydration, nutrition and oxygen - all of which can be done at home - where is the legal authority to keep the child surrounded by police officers imprisoning him in a room and set the conditions of release the silencing of criticism?

Another excellent analysis HERE - Alfie vs the State.

What is the medical criteria for a court to give authority for doctors to detain a child over the objections of his parents?

From what I am seeing, criticism is on the list.

This treachery cannot be tolerated.


StevenD-Jasper said...

you should see mark shea's recent post on this. what a nut.

Anonymous said...

Will pass on reading anything from that Shea person: I met him years ago and was totally turned off then. He is far worse now and not worth paying any attention to.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if two of Great Britain's most recent new parents (William and Kate) were to weigh in and say Alfie should be allowed to travel with his parents to Rome? I wonder if William and Kate would be prevented from bringing any of their three children to a different medical center if in the same situation?

TLM said...

Little Alfie Evans died this morning at 2:30 AM. He has been scooped up by the Angels and taken to rest in the loving arms of Jesus. There is no worry, as he was baptized and is only a babe so he is now absolutely in Heaven. May Jesus now give Tom and Kate & Family his everlasting COMFORT and STRENGTH for the days ahead. They will need every bit of grace that He can give them. We need to pray for them. I will be offering my Mass tomorrow for them and their family.

This Bishops who have stood silent and some even in SUPPORT of the Horror House of Alder Hey have BETRAYED not only the flock, but Christ as well. They are just as complicit in the murder of this little one as Judas Iscariot was in the crucifixion of Jesus. Their judgement will hold even MORE HORRORS.