Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Carney Hospital Foists Sex Flag - Part 2

New revelations about the 'Catholic Identity' of Carney Hospital.

Carney Hospital financially sponsored a sex-themed carnival in Dorchester, featuring strong men and fortune tellers.

Sounds to me as if Fr. Hehir gave Steward Health Care all the talking points on what constitutes Catholic identity.

Except...I wonder where they found the strong men.

Here's a link to the archdiocescan misinformation campaign at the time of the sale.

Who is responsible for maintaining the Catholic identity and adherence to Catholic religions and moral directives?

Of the 7 members of the Board of Trustees of the new entity, 5 are Cerberus people, one is the CEO of the hospital (who stands to benefit financially from the whole transaction), and one is president of a real estate development company. None has any theological training or background listed in their biographies, and several have public records of contributing to campaigns of pro-abortion politicians. Based on the transaction documents, these are the people who appoint a committee to work on maintaining the Catholic identity–which sounds a lot like the fox picking the animals who will guard the chicken-coop. Should there not be at least a few people with unquestioned Catholic theological background and judgment named up-front?

9. Does the Archdiocese acknowledge or deny that the Catholic identity for Caritas will likely disappear after 3 years?

A blog at the Wall Street Journal said, “In Hospital deal, How Much is a Catholic Identity Worth: Just 3%.” Despite comments by Vicar General Fr. Richard Erikson and Fr. Bryan Hehir saying the stewardship agreement “memorializes” the commitment to maintain the Catholic identity of Caritas Christi and represents a strong commitment to operate the hospitals according to Church religious and moral directives, the exit clause that allows Cerberus to pay $25 million to drop the Catholic identity negates what both officials have said. So, let us be realistic that the proposed guarantees for maintaining the system’s Catholic identity beyond 3 years are lacking in substance and credibility. It feels like the tale of “The Emperor Has No Clothes.” Everyone says the emperor looks handsome in his new clothes. Perhaps it would be better to stop pretending this arrangement is something which it clearly is not.

Readers may agree or disagree with the Catholic Action League on their positions and approaches to various issues, but their message on this one seems to merit repeating, just as a reality check:

This impending transfer of ownership means that the future of 150 years of Catholic health care in Boston will be within the discretionary authority of a non-Catholic, for profit, out of state, capitalist corporation. It is now clear that Caritas Christi will be rapidly secularized, that such iconic Catholic institutions as Carney Hospital and St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center will no longer defend the culture of life, and Catholic and other pro-life doctors, nurses, and administrators will lose their conscience protections.”

This comes just five years after Catholic Charities withdrew from adoption services in Greater Boston. Beautiful and historic churches are being closed, the parish based Catholic school system is being effectively downsized into ‘consolidated’, lay-governed regional academies, and now the Catholic hospital system, which dates back to 1863, is about to be abandoned. A two hundred year legacy of Catholicism in Boston, as reflected in an institutional infrastructure, is being systematically dismantled and improvidently discarded.

If you go to the Carney Hospital website, the appointees and ethics committees and diocescan representation to oversee the Catholic identity is as real as Rev. Bryan Hehir's concern for the poor.

The poor and the sick are safer in the hands of the Taliban.

The Taliban can kill the bodies but the victims die with their faith intact. A martyrs death.

Fr. Hehir's legacy for the poor is a long, painful diabolical seduction.

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