Thursday, July 11, 2013

Carney Hospital Has History of Sexual Assaults of Mentally Ill Teenagers

The inappropriate nature of hanging a sex flag at a place where people are suffering excrutiating pain and death keeps nagging at me.

There is something sinister in their reckless disregard of respect for the dignity and holiness of that space.

It is so out of place.

Just because something is legal, it doesn't mean it isn't harmful to the well being of our people or our country. Slavery and killing can be legalized.

Prostitution is legalized in some states. That doesn't mean it isn't hurting the demoralized and sexually exploited women.

Legalized prostituion doesn't take away the consequences of sin involved.

The low self-esteem, the lying and shame, the damage it does to the relationships around the men who use women as a receptacle for their semen.

Legalized prostitution is just a way to sexually exploit women damaged by poverty and dysfunction. It's legalized abuse of a sick person. You can put a flag on a brothel but it doesn't change the fact that there are victims of the legalized sex.

Legislation in a demoralized nation loses the ability to care about the consequences to the people.

There isn't a judge, a court or a flag who can change the immorality and sin involved in the use of civil marriage for persons of the same sex who are incapable of producing and bearing the fruit of the divine gift of human sexuality.

You want to hang a flag memorializing civil pride in the perversion of the divine gift of human sexuality in the face of sick and dying people?

It is just too creepy to just be a political statement. Something else is going down.

I started the dig and it didn't take long to find sexual assaults of mentally ill teenagers took place two years ago at Carney.

If pedophilia ever becomes legal, I think we'll see another flagpole at the Carney Hospital.

But sexual assaults on teenagers are not the only fruit of Ralph de la Torre and Fr. Bryan Hehir's promises of 'Catholic identity'.

Two weeks ago, another Steward Hospital had to shut down their geriatric unit because of conditions described as 'filth and neglect'.

Astoundingly, Steward refused to release the records on the squalid conditions state inspectors found.

I know what you're thinking. Rapes of mentally ill children, filthy conditions, neglect...Where is Attorney General Martha Coakley???!!!

I'll tell you.

Coakley issued a report a few months ago that said Steward is compliant with her conditions. Rapes, filth and neglect aside, it's what you call leveraging through thin staffing and raising prices. She said Steward has a 60 million dollar deficit and are operating at a 15 million dollar loss. It's a regular success story.

Raising prices, cutting nurses and doctors, filth, squalor and rapes upon the sick - and a 100 million dollar deficit are the conditions Martha Coakley wanted to see imposed upon the poor.

You can say a lot of things about the Archdiocese, but at least when they ran the hospitals, they were not willing to do this to sick and poor people to save a buck.

One thousand 'unsafe conditions' complaints were filed by doctors and nurses at Steward Hospitals.

Steward describes their operation as 'business-savvy'.

Steward also has had setbacks — grappling with high-level turnover, labor unrest, and financial challenges as it seeks to expand.

The company hired popular new presidents at its two Boston hospitals only to lose both after short tenures.

Neighborhood activist Bill Walczak left Carney in Dorchester after falling out with Steward leaders, while John Polanowicz, West Point graduate with a master’s of business administration from Stanford, abandoned his perch at St. Elizabeth’s in Brighton to become the Massachusetts secretary of health and human services. But Steward has pressed forward in building a business-savvy management team...

Association nurses say 105 nursing jobs were cut between 2011 and 2012 at eight Steward hospitals. They filed more than 1,000 “unsafe staffing” complaints last year at the hospitals, a substantial increase over the number filed at the same hospitals in past years.

Last month, Steward eliminated the security staff at four hospitals, outsourcing about 50 jobs to a New Jersey contractor with ties to Cerberus.

According to Jacqui Fitts, a nurse on the medical surgical floor at Morton Hospital in Taunton, there are no longer enough nurses, nurses assistants, and security guards at night to monitor post-anesthesia or psychiatric patients.

It is hard to gin up empathy for the nurses union. They were a driving force behind the sale. I testified at a hearing, reminded them of the risks inherent to life and liberty and they thumbed their nose.

You have reaped what you have sown ladies. Did you think you could so harm to patients, kill their bodies and souls, and it would all work out well for you?

You didn't learn a thing from that Crucifix hanging over your head for one hundred and twenty years.

The President of Steward's physician network described the situation as 'In oue model, the focus is on wellness and prevention'.

Here's the kicker: de la Torre said they have been unable to expand the nightmare into other states because of the uncertainty of stellar healthcare they are providing as the model for Obamacare.

Put on a dog and pony show and slap a sex flag on your buildings and the useful idiots will salute.

I will say, that I am surprised that the current President of Carney Hospital would do this to the people under his wing. He seems like a decent God-fearing man.

Perhaps, like the weakened ludwigs in the archdiocese, he just doesn't have the backbone.

The heart and mind willing, but the flesh is weak.

Pray for the man. He is at the helm of of a ship full speed ahead with its sinister mission.

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