Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pope Francis Spokesperson Fr. Rosica threatens to sue Catholic blogger for expressing opinions on synod

I think it's going to be a lively Lent.

Michael Voris has an excellent Vortex on the slimy development in Pope Francis Cabinet.

Seems Pope Francis has surrounded himself with quite a group of weasels.

The poor blogger is distraught. Please keep him in your prayers.

If it is any consolation to him, I had a priest or two threaten to sue in my blogging career. The second time it happened, I LOL.

These men are accustomed to shivering weenies who keep their threatening conduct private.

As soon as you let it rip into the public square, they don't know whether to poop their pants or wind their wristwatch.

These men simply have no idea what they are up against and why. I doubt Rev Roscia knows the power of Catholic blogosphere. He certainly is grossly unerestimating the determination of faithful Catholics who have been robbed of their religion. He is about to find out.

How would you like your eggs on your face, Fr. Roscia? Over easy?

Judging from this hairbrained idea to have your lawyer send a letter to this poor man, I'd say scrambled.

Here's a link to the blog.

What did he to do deserve Rev. Rosica's wrath?

Well, the Rev. Rosica published a tweet that maligned Cardinal Burke as, of all things, a 'dissenter'.

The story tweeted relates to Cardinal Weurl's latest publicity stunt to slander Catholics who rebelled against the heretical theology presented at Pope Francis' synod as 'dissenters'.

You read that right.

Cardinal Wuerl is attempting to change the definition of 'dissent' in the Roman Catholic Church.

Remember before Pope Francis 'dissent' meant opinions that contradict 2000 years of theology?

Cardinal Wuerl is now saying when bishops and cardinals contradict 2000 years of theology, 'dissent' is when Catholics won't contradict it along with them.

Like every other lucid person in Christendom who read about Rev. Rosica's published tweet, the blogger asked why on earth the Pope's spokesperson would be using media sources to impugn Cardinal Burke as unfaithful to Christ's Church.

Naturally, a seasoned public relations professional, Fr. Rosica is educated in the rules and etiquette of publishing. For instance, Pope Francis public relations team wouldn't publish messages from ISIS on their twitter feeds, would they. One can certainly quote or cite something one disagrees with, but as a responsible public relations professional of the highest ranking member of the Church, he has the duty o take the time to make remarks that carefully make clear your disagreement.

Rev. Rosica published Weurl's redefinition of 'dissenters' in a story that did what Cardinal Wuerl doesn't have the spinal fortitude to do - name the people Weurl is talking about.

We are not as stupid as we look.

Weurls story is beneath contempt. As was the the tweet coming from the Holy Father's public relations team.

Vox Cantoris articulates the opinions of hundreds of thousands of us.

Rev. Rosica's poor judgment in publishing the tweet was enough grounds for Fr. Lombardi to terminate him.

Compounding that poor judgment with issuing threats to sue Catholic bloggers better be his waterloo -- or none of them will have to worry about waiting until October to see if they can recover the trust and respect of Catholic families who live our fiat.

If anybody needs to remove something from the internet, it's Cardinal Weurl article slandering the reputations of Catholics offended by the immoral theology presented by the Holy Father and his out of control see.

Cardinal Weurl has no authority or right to slander our reputations in front of our children. He is the problem in this dust up. Do not blame bloggers for what is painfully obvious to an overwhelming number of Catholics.

Faithful Catholics are in the unbelievable position of having to tell our children the theology coming from the synod and relatio is a danger to their salvation and must be ignored.

Mike Voris asks some very interesting questions. What did the Holy Father know about this threat and when did he know it? Do you think this threat could possibly be a strategy to get out in front of the synod in October?

This is something our brothers in Rome can take to the bank:

Put your threats where the sun doesn't shine.

If you think a bus full of old liberal nuns wearing polyester pants and no bras was an ugly eyesore, just wait until you see what a couple of hundred thousand women whose hands rock the cradle can do in Catholic blogosphere.


Unknown said...

There must be a shortage of work at the Vatican Press Office for Rosica to be suing obscure bloggers over such a matter.

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to believe you are right. But I see no evidence that there is anywhere near the numbers of Catholics who are willing to stand up. If anything, I've noticed a big drop off in comments to traditional Catholic blogs lately. And then of course we are going to be treated to a million people fawning over Francis when he comes to Philadelphia in September. I hope I'm wrong.

Michael Dowd said...

The Vatican should be embarrassed about this outrageous intrusion into free speech and issue an immediate apology to the blogger. I hope our national media picks up on this so that more folks will come to realize that something strange and slightly sinister is going on in Vatican City.

Michael Dowd

Left-footer said...

And while Fr Rosica is getting shirty over a blog, some 300 miles away, in Libya, the Islamic State is sharpening its knives.

I guess the Church in Europe and America is just senile.

God bless!

TTC said...


The Church isn't like any other power structure. A pope loved by millions for discrediting Church teaching doesn't mean the same thing as when Barack Hussein does it.

Exposing the structure that undermines and perverts Church teaching and slanders those who teach it is taken very seriously. Here's a power broken with a big media structure and all the money they need - and he is threatening a parent with a blog!

The 'rabbit' disaster is a shining example of how a couple of blogs can change the course of a papacy. They need faithful Catholics on board to pull this off. They know they can't get them on board with blogs that expose their errors. Not effectively, no matter how many magazines demoralizing his people hail the Pope as a hero.

Theresa said...

What a way to start the Lenten Season! Plenty more to come! God Bless this authentic Catholic Blog....

Michael Dowd said...

Well said Carol. Our job is to proclaim the truth and call out error even if it means exposing those who are supposed to be it's guardians.

Michael Dowd

TLM said...

It's very hard to believe that the Holy Father himself didn't know about this. You mean to tell me that Fr. Rosica would risk his position to threaten a run of the mill ordinary Catholic Blogger without anyone knowing about this? To have his lawyer draw papers up to that effect and have them sent? Or was he counting on this poor guy to fold up shop and run and hide? If that was the case, he blew it......BIG TIME. I'm not sure that the Vatican realizes the scope of faithful Catholics that will stand for truth even if they have to go up against the Vatican itself, or the Pope himself.

Catechist Kev said...

So, I suppose we should all ask where is the "mercy" in this? The so-called "Catholic" left always preach peace, love, kindness and mercy. (tolerance, even!)

Where are those in this situation? Galling of all VC really did nothing wrong to warrant "mercy" to begin with.

Prayers up for Mr. Vox Cantoris.

Catechist Kev

Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

LOL! You killed me with:
quote"These men are accustomed to shivering weenies who keep their threatening conduct private. As soon as you let it rip into the public square, they don't know whether to poop their pants or wind their wristwatch."

My prayers to the Blogger being targeted by one of Francis' thugs. May our Lady's mantle protect him against the evil men in our Church.

In Christ,

Julie @ Connecticut Catholic Corner

TTC said...

Julie, LOL. Trying to keep things light!

Mary H said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks for shining a light on this case. I commented over at that blog that there are resources out there to protect bloggers. The Electronic Freedom Foundation is one. They've done lawsuits to uphold bloggers' free speech rights in the past. If you're ever in the market, you might try them, too:

kathleen said...

It's hilarious to think of this corrupt cleric siccing his lawyers on a lay blogger. That fancy engraved letterhead is soooooo scary! Rosica hasn't a prayer here, and I mean that literally. He'd be laughed out of court, but it would be fun to watch him try.

Anonymous said...

Egg on the good Fr.'s face? Not sure how it would get there. I hail from the East - during Great Lent, we we are not allowed to have eggs. However, rotten tomatoes, being vegan, are allowed.

M. Prodigal said...

Count me in. This true Catholic wife and mom also rocks the cradle and I HATE what is coming out of Rome these days. The pope surrounds himself with heretics and we are supposed to like it? We not only do not like it but the few of us left who still know our faith are not going to be quiet about it. We had our Mass, our devotions, our nuns, our Catholic schools, and our catechesis stolen from us after VII and we are disgusted and cry out to God about this travesty. And eventually He will intervene.