Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Split in the Road That Lies Ahead of Us in October: Desuetude?

I had never heard of Vox Cantoris before the Team Francis thugs threatened him.

If his writings are anything like this one, I now understand why a father with a free blog became a target for the Pope Francis team of hit men.

Now, it all becomes clear.

When Kasper insulted our African brothers and sisters (the Fox is born in South Africa of Irish, Dutch and African descent) and mocked them in his arrogant, euro-centric, xenophobic, paternalistic, condescending and racist tone, "they should not tell us too much what to do" there was more there then, than most picked up. I stated in discussions what Kasper and these Germans were up to -- let the Africans be "bigots" we Germans, we are better after all, we are efficient and much superior to these, you go your way, we'll go ours. I said it then: It is the German Catholic Church, that is what these manipulators, these traitorous prelates and their minions are out to accomplish. The logical step of a false collegiality as promoted by a hermeneutic of rupture from the Rhineland influence and domination at the Second Vatican Council. Isn't this one of the critical doctrinal points of the Society of St. Pius X? Theodore McCarrick has revealed his part in what appears to be a lobby effort to elect Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio as Pope. He would only need "five years" to have the Church "back on track" McCarrick himself, with a special interest in extra-curricular activities, says for all to hear in this video.

Now we can begin to put the pieces together - it is just too obvious, they have shown their cards.

Schism in on the horizon de facto or de jure remains to be seen but schism, no doubt. Each bishops' conference will do what it wants with pastoral practice under a static universal doctrine to cater to its own needs and to do so, they needed to ensure that they could elect someone that they think would be sympathetic to their cause.

I keep saying this, but the schism has been in swing for decades. The losses are catastrophic. Our beautiful Churches, schools, our relatives, friends, loved ones, our country.

I haven't visited another county or state and walked into a local Church for at least 15 years. I do my homework first, find out how close a priest who practices our religion is and the means to get there. I look at their parish website, review linked ministries for content, review 'youth ministry', read bulletins, do research on the priest with buzzwords, ask people I know living in the area, etc.

Long gone are the days when we can just find out where the local Church is, especially if we are towing our children.

One priest can undo years of Catechesis in a nanosecond of a heretical homily. That moment can impair your children's judgment for the rest of their lives and has the potential to rob them of their salvation.

Personally, I am repulsed when an ordained man incorporates homosexual lust into his persona, in the way he walks and talks and mannerisms. The priesthood is no place to incorporate the gifts we all have to lure lovers into bedrooms.

Let me be clear: I don't care about what a priest's 'sexual preferences' were before they were ordained. I know several that I suspect were at one time, attracted to men but are now asexual. I've never heard a heresy from their lips and they teach and practice the moral theology of the Church. They are kind, generous, loving witnesses and a gift to the priesthood and Christ's Church.

There is a dramatic difference between a faithful asexual priest and a priest who incorporates sexuality into the way he walks and talks.
My dear friend Fr. Bill Scanlan, RIP, used to refer to the phenomenon as "he floats". Gliding across the room or Church in effeminate movements that look like their feet are not touching the floor, movements in wrists and arms that give the appearance they are underwater. I want to avoid a priest's sexual pole dance in a Sanctuary during a Sacred Liturgy like I avoid stepping into a big pile dung on a sidewalk.

When heterosexuals let lust drive their animus in the workplace, they are eventually terminated. Sensuality and sexuality is reserved and preserved for private moments in a bedroom.

Bishops have been ordaining effeminate men who use their homosexual lust inappropriately for decades and the Pope is warning the elephants in the room not to ordain prayerful, pious men. And he thinks his agenda doesn't resonate from his private edict to keep pious, prayerful men out of the priesthood?


Let us not kid ourselves.

An invisible schism has long been in operation for decades. We have to do our homework. We don't just walk into the nearest Parish or buy homes in towns where the counterfeit church is operating. And, that is what it is: a counterfeit church within.

But something big is brewing now. I am not sure how we will take the ax to the root because we are tied to the Chair of Peter and always will be. That is where the Deposit of Faith and Sacraments live.

We will go nowhere voluntarily.

If the Holy Father wishes to avoid his official jeweled crown of anathema, he would be wise to cut Cardinal Marx loose. Remove him from his position and see if he can keep the structure and people underneath him tied to the Ark.

Retaining him on the team of superdooper Cardinals will be construed as a deliberate inaction and tactical approval and salute to the strategy of 'decentralization'. As Mundabor suggests, the man should have been defrocked years ago. He has no place on a team brainstorming 'reforms' for a pope to implement. The appointment was ludicrous.

If it all proceeds on course, as Pope Francis has said it will, I am starting wonder if Cardinal Wuerl's post and Fr. Rosica's tweet of it was a tip of the hand of their strategy. Perhaps taking up the offensive position of severing faithful Catholics involuntarily with the slander "we" are dissenters in Pope Francis Church.

The election of a Pope who spends two years discrediting the faithful practice of Catholicism, the sleazy corrupt synod, an announcement from one of his supercardinals that a failure to accept virtue in adultery and sodomy will be construed as 'dissent' by Team Francis , Rosica's threat to sue Catholics who openly discuss theological errors of Team Francis, Marx's announcement that 'decentralization' severs the deposit of faith from bishop's conferences and gives them the power to codify desuetude...

Is it possible that Team Francis is going to take up an offensive position of caricaturing our rejection of pastoral policies shepherding the clapping uncatechized into Mapplethorpe as the schism?

It never occurred to me that Team Francis could force an involuntary schism by declaring the faithful adherence to doctrine in the face of policies that contradict It as schismatics.

Why would one of Team Francis 'Super Cardinals' post an op-ed that makes a declaration that faithful adherence to doctrine is 'dissent'?

Why would the Pope's spokesperson promote this declaration and then threaten a Catholic father who points out his promotion of Cardinal Wuerl's slander?

Why exile Cardinal Burke and appoint the longstanding heretic Cardinal Marx to Team Francis?

Why no disciplinary action from the Pope to Cardinal Marx's schismatic announcement?

Why no disciplinary action against Cardinal Wuerl and Fr. Rosica?

In the stead of disciplinary actions against Cardinal Marx and Wuerl and Fr. Rosica and in the face of the herd of ordained men prancing their lust in Sanctuaries practicing heterodoxy that has done catastrophic damage to the Church, why, in the Sacred and Holy Name of Christ, is the Pope warning against the ordination of prayerful and faithful Catholics as the scourge in the priesthood?

All this time, I have been worried that people will voluntarily flee turning over Christ's Deposit of Faith to the demons.

Is it possible they will slander us as the schismatics?

It sure looks to me like that is the road they are going down.


Anonymous said...

Excellent observation on this very distressing time in church history. I have read many of the Mystics of the church and this has all been foretold...and it has also been fortold that the Victory is His and nothing can change that. What you and other stellar Catholic bloggers are doing is on the mark! My heart fills with sorrow for these fools who think they are above Christ's Teachings...we have Our Lady and this is Her time ...She has promised Her Victory..Her Son wants it and we who believe will comply . Thank you once again for your faithful witness to Our Divine Savior.

Michael Dowd said...

Carol--Note below. Written in 1908 by a Congregational Minister. Seems appropriate now for a part of the Catholic Church except that innocuous doesn't fit. Pernicious would be better.

" The assertion is often made that the church is an effete institution; that its usefulness is past; that it is sinking into innocuous desuetude. "
— The Church and Modern Life, Washington Gladden (1908)

Michael Dowd

Anonymous said...

Yes, we will be schismatics... You got it! I can not write here about prophecies, because most bloggers hold them in contempt, but it is exactly what was prophesied. We, a true church of Jesus Christ, in not too far future, will be the schismatic church which never understood ...

Anonymous said...

If a man were an 'anti-pope', how would he act?

Ever mindful said...

Perhaps St Teresa of Avila might provide comfort...

Let nothing disturb you,
Let nothing frighten you,
All things are passing away:
God never changes.
Patience obtains all things.
Whoever has God lacks nothing;
God alone suffices

St Teresa of Ávila

TTC said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you --excellent commentary. You must examine the parish church you attend from top to bottom before attending or joining. It was not like that 50 or 60 years ago. Vatican II with the loss of Faith has caused this.I agree--the schism started with Vat II--history repeats itself, the catacombs await.

M. Prodigal said...

God the Father: "This is My Beloved Son; listen to HIM."

This is what we must do. It is hard to reconcile with 'he who hears him, hears Me' when we have wolves in shepherds clothing. They do not stand in the gap, they are like dogs that do not bark, they do not guard nor teach nor defend their people.

Anonymous said...

what would you say of priests choosing a lady among parrishioners and forming a clandestine family with her? What about the parrishioners that know and help in hiding them?

Michael Dowd said...

Thanks 'Ever Mindful' Wonder how patient St. Teresa would be with our current situation or better yet how about St. Catherine of Siena. Catherine didn't countenance much nonsense from Popes.

Michael Dowd

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that you are fearless individual of clear vision and fine insight. Thank you for speaking the truth. I wish I could say there is some hyperbole her, but there isn't. Out worst fears are about to be confirmed...if not in their entirety, enough to wreak havoc for a long time.