Thursday, March 5, 2015

Fr. Rosica's "Closes the Matter" with a Cheap Shot

Thanks to ChurchMilitant TV, dozens of Catholic bloggers and the prayers of thousands of Catholics, Fr. Rosica has withdrawn his threat to sue David Domet.

"The matter is now closed".

While I appreciate many of the things he said, his message is chock full of baloney.

For instance, he once again divests himself of the responsibilities that come with being appointed to convey the messages of the Pope:

I am not a high-ranking Vatican official nor a member of the hierarchy of the Church as erroneously claimed in several recent blogs.

When a Pope does a world-wide search for a person who can accurately convey the tenor of his own messages and spirituality, like it or lump it, the position is an apostolate that can influence the outcome of an initiative at the highest level of our Church. That position comes with responsibilities which Fr. Rosica refuses to accept.

The recent Extraordinary Synod of Bishops has invited us to mature, honest dialogue and conversation and to find new ways and a new language to communicate the ancient story of the Church and our beautiful, unchanging doctrine to future generations.

And I'm here to remind Fr. Rosica that we have observed the Holy Father's new ways and experienced the changes they cultivate in the practice of our religion. We have experienced the changes of the Holy Father's new language in the media, in our parishes, apostolates, families, friends. They have led to the scandalous misunderstanding adultery is virtue and feeding the poor absolves sin.

Those changes were brought about when the Holy Father appointed several heretics to communicate his 'new language'. When one likes the ideas of a heretic and appoints one or several to 'advise' him in his role as Pope, we all know what the intended and expected outcome of that exercise.

Some of those appointed heretics have advised the Pope to impose catechesis based on the theory that adultery is virtue. Another one made schismatic statements about his see. Another 'mature' and 'honest' crony one stole books conversing about the ancient story of faithfulness to the teachings of the Church.

I am also here to remind Fr. Rosica that a review of his own programming of 'mature, honest dialogue and conversation to find new ways and a new language to communicate' Church teaching include his promotion of the ideas of an excommunicated priest shilling for gay marriage, with Fr. Rosica gushing that this man represented his hope for the future of Christ's Church. A man excommunicated for those ideas represents Fr. Rosica's hope for future generations of Christ's Church.

Don't tell us there isn't an agenda that is intended to bring about changes where they hurt us the most: the intellect of and souls of our children.

There is no doubt a library at the Vatican filled to the rafters with letters from parents explaining how appointing heretics to teach our religion perverted the moral compasses of our children, robbing them of the tools keeping their soul in a state of Sanctifying Grace.

The Pope and the 'reformers' he has surrounded himself with are in the same rabbit hole.

This one was the kicker for me:

Mature expressions of differences are welcome. It is one thing to have differing opinions on church matters. However, there is fine line between difference of opinion and blatant destruction of person’s lives and reputations....Popes Benedict XVI and Francis have taught clearly that the Internet and blogs can be of tremendous service to the up-building of the Church and of humanity. They have never taught that blogs and social media should be used, in the name of fidelity, to engender slander, hatred, reviling and destroying.

It was Cardinal Wuerl authored a Code Red on faithful Catholics, in the name of fidelity, to engender slander, hatred, reviling and destroying. Fr. Rosica re-published and promoted that despicable article. Faithful Catholics have every right and duty to react to HIS promotion of Fr. Wuerl's slander.

Fr. Rosica is suffering from the delusion that the Holy Father and his cronies are going to indoctrinate the virtues of fornication and contraception by discrediting and slandering the faithful practice of our religion as 'dissent' and obstruct righteous people from debunking them with threats from lawyers.

How's it working out?

In a world torn apart by hatred, terror and violence, often through the gross distortion of religion, we must be much more attentive to our use of social media

Others have chosen to turn the blogosphere into a black hole of vitriol, anger and profound sadness. As Catholics, the great privilege and freedom of expression and access to social media also have certain obligations of decency, integrity, honesty and charity that reveal who we really are as a faith community.

Physician, heal thyself.

It is my fervent hope that the push back on demoralizing, insulting, slanderting and threatening Catholics from the office of the Chair of Peter has met it's waterloo with the Fr. Rosica debacle. After twisting conjugal love and the Magnificat of a woman to receive life from Christ as screwing like the bunnies and irresponsible for the planet--the disaster following Cardinal Wuerl's attempt to slander faithful Catholics, and Fr. Rosica's promotion of that slander, any reasonably prudent person would have the Less Nessman moment and realize their turkey just isn't going to fly.

I don't know. I am not filled with hope. All the cheap talk about humility, the Romans seem incapable of exercising it.

I read this story yesterday on CRISIS yesterday and wondered if they are even capable of seeing the writing on the wall.

CRISIS is mainstream wealthy and catechized Novus Ordo Catholics. Here they are publishing an article accepting the trajectory Pope Francis has taken and preparing to help keep Catholics on the Ark of the Covenant should a heretical edict come out of the synod in October.

We can say all of the above until we are blue in the face but will the Romans ever realize why the resistance isn't on the fringe?

Will they ever accept the reality that the resistance is coming from Catholic families faithfully practicing their religion? Catholics whose relatives and loved ones have been robbed by the strategies they are trying to formally incorporate into an edict to obstruct and contradict Church teaching?

Understand what that will mean in October?


M. Prodigal said...

And with some of the new episcopal appointments, we can see a change in direction with C. Burke out and C. Wuerl in.

Anonymous said...

Here we are in Boston with Cardinal Sean Omalley at the helm....Seder Suppers ...blessings upon him done by female ministers who support same sex marriages ...foolish statements on national TV that he personally would be fine with women priests..chosen to be among the gang of eight or nine ( I've lost count )...he yings and yangs us with his support for church teaching on same sex behavior all the while allowing certain parishes in the archdiocese to carry on the gay pride agenda... there's not a doubt in my mind that he's all for the Francis church. Does anybody really believe that the people who attend mass at our local parishes are for the large part aware of the seriousness of the issues we are facing. Bishop Athanasius Schnieder has called this the fourth great crisis in church history and I for one don't think that was an understatement. Where is the culpability of our parish pastors to inform the pewsitters of the inevitable disaster that awaites us in October. I pray that they're not all wolves.......

kathleen said...

slander! hatred! reviling! destroying! waaaaahhhhh!!!!

SoCal said...

Fr. Rosica, this is shameful. Please show some Charity.

Unknown said...

Fr. Rosica must have been shocked by the outrage this caused in the blogosphere. I guess he really learned something valuable about his area of expertise, which is "social communications."