Sunday, January 31, 2016

Medjugorje Update

A bit of a strange twist to the expected pulling of the rug from under the fraud 'seers' at Medjugorje.

The Archbishop of Sarajevo is lobbying the money-making circus be allowed to continue pick-pocketing naive Catholics.

He's hoping the ancient Roman practice of nonfeasance will allow the heretical circus to continue drawing wallets into the area.

Even Pope Francis can smell the rat, but the Archbishop of Sarajevo is not 'worried' about his attitude or the CDFs attitude.

"The Church does not hurry, but always arrives at a conclusion. I'm not worried about the attitude of the Holy Father or those of the CDF. "

I don't think the inaction has anything at all to do with delays in drawing a conclusions. Even a moron knows that the Blessed Mother is incapable of heresies, lies and contradicting the Magisterium of her Son's Church.

I've spoken about my own curiosity and reasons for my own ultimate conclusion on Medjugorje but they are worth briefly mentioning again.

I initially believed it was real until one of the seers who lived in the North End of Boston booked a parish hall with a parish secretary to receive the messages at 5pm. A few local friends had invited me to check it out with them and we made plans. When the priest got wind of it, he cancelled it because there is a regularly-scheduled Mass going on upstairs at that time and he would not permit any other event to happen during that time.

The priest's decision was sound judgment to me. I assumed everyone would agree and the seer would book it somewhere else. But people were very upset with the priest and for the first time, my BS detector went up as I found this to be inconsistent with the fruit of truth. Attendees received a message from the seer asking people to sit tight because the Blessed Mother had agreed to change to a later time and they were asking the priest for permission to proceed at 7pm.

The Blessed Mother would not have scheduled a competing event downstairs from a Sacred Liturgy to begin with, so the idea that she did not know, would cause angst against one of her priests and then needed a human to fix her blunders was nonsense.

The priest, who had been open to this apparition, backed off. Devotees surrounded this faithful priest's wagons and spewed venom at him and everyone who smelled something stinky.

I know Our Lady quite well. Childless after 8 years, my parents did the Novena to the Immaculate Conception and a year later, I was born on December 8th - the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. She has been present in my life even when I wandered from Christ. This just wasn't consistent with the fruit of her womb.

I observed the phenomenon for a few years following this event. I knew many of the devotees. All of us were no stranger to the buffoonery of luminaries in the Chancery and non-believing bishops. We worked on many projects in the past and knowing the victories of the devil in Boston, I knew we would work on projects in the future--so I kept quiet about my thoughts on Medjugorje (which was not always easy!).

A pattern began to emerge after several years of observation. When a priest would obstruct or sabotage Adoration, Rosary, Church teaching or blatantly teach heresy, everyone productively worked together to hammer away at it. Yet, in spite of many years of faithful teaching, demonstrating our love and practice of the Sacraments and love for the Eucharist, venerating Mary and spreading word about the power of her protection and intervention -- if devotees of Medjugorje got wind that someone was a skeptic, there was a fatwa against that person and their family.

There is a overwhelming inability of devotees to pursue and admit truth.

For instance, I've heard a multitude of stories from devotees about people who hopped on a plane to Bosnia and had a conversion and this then proves the seers are authentic. But when you explain that a person who hops on a plane to go to Bosnia has already been groomed by Our Lady and converted, they are just sealing their relationship with Sacraments and prayer in a retreat, there is an unwillingness to admit to sufficient facts.

It's a third-world, war-torn country, halfway around the world. It costs a lot of money to go there. It is saturated with people who are devoted to Christ's Church and the Ark of the Covenant. The itinerary is filled with Sacraments and prayer.

A person who books a flight to Medjugorje wants to get something different out of their vacation than a person hopping on the plane to Turks and Caicos. A person going to Turks and Caicos plans snorkeling and windsurfing and laying on the beach with a tropical drink.

A person going on a religious pilgrimage is seeking an encounter with Christ and His Mother, the angels and saints - and they are going to get it. They would get it if they planned an hour at the local parish to sit in front of the Blessed Sacrament every day for a month.

Yet, devotees of Medjugorje tell the conversion stories as if they kidnapped and shackled a reprobate and took them to the seer and they were miraculously converted.

When you discuss the defrocked priest who knocked up a nun, the lack of vocations of the seers with the same people who have the vapors when Pope Francis propagates some of the same disturbing heresies, they refuse to admit there is a problem with the seers.

You can't seem to scratch the surface of this deception and I never trust anything that evades truth.

Why would this bishop portray the situation as if the Holy See has signaled this is on course to be found angelic and should therefore not be disturbed?

It is absolutely not the case and everyone knows it.

Another liar that is flocked around this phenomenon.


Aged parent said...

Very, very well said.

Another point: had Rome not dithered around for years after this nonsense began in 1981, and abided by the decisions and investigations of the competent local authority - which categorically condemned these apparitions as grotesque fakery - we wouldn't now be in a situation where the current Bishop wants the farce to continue to, as you say, keep the bucks coming in.

Rome's procrastination has, as usual, made a bad situation infinitely worse.

Slick said...

Please read the article, "The Truth About Medjugorje" by Biship Zanic. Google it. It exposes the lies, disobedience, errors, absurdities and scandals of these false apparitions.

Anonymous said...

I have been in Medjugorie and I do not agree with anyone of you including the author of this article. There is much more to that place than your shallow and opinionated remarks. I have seen possessed people, whose priests released from their evil spirits, I have heard their screams etc. Look here, authentic video:

You all are judging according to the human ways and not spiritual ways... Conversions, healing, exorcisms, deep prayerful life (rosaries, adoration, holly masses, confessions, stations of the cross etc...)

I wish my parish life would be that spiritual as Medjugorie is!!! Be careful, because you might be fighting the SPIRIT OF GOD...

Some are saying that if Fatima would happen today, it would have ZERO chances to be accepted by our skeptical present day church! I am not surprise, we push away everything what is spiritual and hold to only these things which are only RATIONAL!!!

Again: Be careful, because you might be fighting the SPIRIT OF GOD...

TTC said...


The fact that you indicate you have personally observed more than one demonic possession taking place there only proves my point! They are just not that common.

I have some news for you. People who get in their car and go to their local parish go to Holy Masses, say the Rosary, experience conversion, go to Adoration, Confession and Stations of the Cross.

If pilgims schedule a vacation that has an itinerary of Holy Masses, Adoration, the Rosary, Confession and Stations of the Cross -- all that spiritual stuff is going to e happening when they get there.

You'll see the same thing at Guadalupe, the Holy Land, St. Peter's Square. The seers in Medjugorje are not responsible for this phenomenon. It's people who have scheduled a vacation to get close to the Sacraments and Christ.

When the seer lived in the North End of Boston, these things were not happening to unsuspecting people who walked by him to get a cannoli at Mike's.

If Fatima were to happen today, everyone who becomes aware of it would look at the fruit, as we always have and we always will.

Thanks for stopping by with the same ole blah,blah that people who identify deception are somehow clueless to the spiritual world.

Anonymous said...

Funny this comes up today, am I mistaken or didn't the church come out with a statement regarding the promoting of Medjugogie, like it wasn't to be done? I ask because my church bulletin is promoting a trip in April, thought this was a no no? No?

pro-Medjugorje reader said...

re: "the lack of vocations of the seers" as proof of the inauthenticity of the alleged apparitions. I'm not so sure that's much of a proof. I'd guess that if you went to the average (good) vocation director and told them you had had a vision of Mary and it influenced you to look into religious life, they'd be pretty cautious. I'm no expert but I don't think visions are the normal or even the preferable way to discern a vocation. Yes it seems quite a few of the visionaries in approved apparition cases did go on to religious life, but were their vocations cited as evidence in favor of authenticity ?

TTC said...

ProMedjugorje reader,

What do you mean by "quite a few"? I believe ALL went into religious life but the claimants at Medjugorje went into religious life. Every one of them.

Those who are chosen to receive messages are not happenstance of who happens to be walking by. They are chosen for virtue endowed to them for this purpose, like the Blessed Mother.

How could it be that you refuse to accept heresy has been claimed to be spoken and this would be impossible?

Don't you see the blindness that is not human in nature?

TTC said...


Very clear orders have been given to priests to have nothing to do with trips there. Disobedience, another fruit!

S said...

Medjugorje is a diabolical mockery of Fatima.
I saw Ivan and his gang in action many years ago.
The show started when Ivan approached the altar with not the least
notice of the Tabernacle. My bullshit detector went off immediately.
Next his 'handler' directed to keep the children away from Ivan when
the Blessed Mother arrives. The detector went into full alarm.
- I'm thinking "if BVM is coming tonight, she wants to be close to the babies."
I have been vocal and in-their-face regarding the demon Madge since that evening.
I have the pleasure of making Ivan's skin crawl when ever he spots me and the great honor of being escorted out of churches by the scruff of the neck by goons on numerous occasions. I usually point out that Madge's feet are never seen by the seers because Madge has the hooves of Satan. (they really get pissed at that FACT) I point out that Madge has shown up on cue 40,000+ times since 1981. I also frequently offer in the spirit of charity and fraternal correction "ARE YOU STUPID?" The whole money grubbing phenomena is made possible only by the muddled-thinking heretical, Modernist-dominated Vatican 2 church. We are at the reducio ad absurdium. For: "who am I to judge" a Steubanville seminarian.

Patricia Gallagher said...

For 12 years before my reconversion to Catholicism, I pursued "self-realization" in a popular "pseudo-Hindu cult" to the tune of about $40,000. Long story short, the experience honed my spiritual BS detector. I remained fully conscious of the Blessed Virgin Mary's motherly presence and protection. I had abandoned her but she would not abandon me.

In the early 2000's, Medjugorje devotees in my Charlotte, NC, parish introduced me to the phenomenon and urged me to attend a local appearance by one of the "seers." The highlight of the program (promoted in flyers and by word of mouth) would be his conversation with the Blessed Mother.

I was shown rosaries that Mary had turned to "gold" and pictures of clouds and window reflections depicting "Mary's image" at the pilgrimage site. I was curious and tried to maintain an open mind, but to say I was merely "skeptical" is an understatement.

Sure enough, at the appointed time, the lights dimmed and the seer turned to the altar, knelt on a prie dieu, and stared at a point on the wall above and in front of him. He appeared to be in conversation with ... something and related her message. All this in the Divine Presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

My immediate visceral reaction: "I've been *here* before! This is b--- s---!" I walked out and never questioned the impression. I consider this clarity to be a gift of the Holy Spirit bestowed through Mary.

breathnach said...

One of my cousins in Ireland is married to a full blown Medjugorje groupie. His fanaticism for these false apparitions is only matched by his anti-Americanism. Needless to say he is unapproachable on the subject. My cousin, his wife, has shown better judgment until recently, by opting out of his twice yearly chasing after "signs" in Medjugorje. Sad to say now my cousin is planning a visit and has convinced her sister in Boston, another sensible soul, to join her in a trip to Bosnia. Another failure of the post-conciliar Vatican to put a stop to a scandal.

TTC said...

S, good work!

Ivan has a handler who keeps children away from the Blessed Mother?! Isn't this the apparition constantly opening with "little children"?!

That is probably because when one is in ecstasy, you are completely out if this world and unaware of anything going on around you. Flinching at a pacifier flying by his nose or a child climbing on him would expose his lying backside in a heartbeat.

Patricia, I am but sure anything is even happening, so I am surprised to hear you say they showed you a picture of gospa. I think they are faking it, but I have also heard of the gold rosary phenomenon. Whatever it is, last I knew they were forbidden to publish or repeat the nightly message and they are still doing it. I guess it would be tough to get a real job after decades of this nonsense.

S said...

Truth be told i DID have a rosary 'turn to gold" i was give a heavy bead celtic style rosary with a silver chain. Praying one day i was quite astonished to see it had turned gold in my hands. I did some investigating and found that light medal plate over brass can disolve, off gass and appear gone and the brass color become visible. The heat of your hand, the moisture and salt from the palm. Etc. I can also see the miracle of the sun by simply gazing at it on a sunny day.

Patricia Gallagher said...

TTC, the "pictures" of "Gospa" that I've been shown were not "illustrations" or "photographs." Medjugorje devotees claim to see images of Mary in blobs of cloud shapes, window reflections, etc.

They're serious: "Cant you see her image?" ("Ummm?.no . ."

john konnor said...

..cogita ante salis...

john konnor said...

vincent ward said...

My bucket of salt first came when I read a book about Medjugorje which included many of the "messages". I observed that there were passages a paragraph or two long and word for word the same but with different dates. It's nice to think Our Lady has been appearing somewhere but it isn't likely.

vincent ward said...

My first bucket of salt about this came when I read one of Wayne Wieble's books on Medugorje. It included many of the "messages" but I noticed there were passages from different dates which were word for word the same. It's cool to think Our Lady is appearing somewhere but it isn't likely. We can pray in our own churches and homes.