Sunday, January 31, 2016

These claims are becoming more exotic than the floozies claiming JFK slept with them.

Yes. The current Pope. So the Vatican is behind this research and has no problem based on the idea is to help humankind. And in theory all that we will be doing is killing pigs.

Sometimes I will read stories about people claiming Pope Francis did or said something and think there may be some embellishment going on or omission of facts.

So when a friend of mine sent me this story with the question "Could this be true?!", my immediate thought was "Blessing a project trying to create people pigs with stem cells and embryos is so demonic, I don't see how it could be!".

I won't say I didn't google it while muttering "Dear God, I hope not!!!"

If the Holy Father contradicted Church teaching on embryonic stem cell research and took a position that scientists can now ethically engage in work injecting them into animals to experiment with prototypes of what can come out as human - one would think that would be blockbusting theological news. I only found the original article and one blog who picked up on it.

Here's another glaringly-false assertion:

While the Catholic Church has opposed research on human embryos, it endorses evolution and generally takes a liberal view on scientific matters. In fact, the Vatican’s position on “human-animal chimeras,” as the mixtures are known, may be more liberal than that of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, which in September instituted a ban on funding chimera research until it can weigh ethical questions associated with it.

Catholic Church teaching positively does NOT concur with scientific moonbattery involving human life and natural and Divine law. There is 2000 years of theology that condemns unethical and immoral activities as, among other things, divination and murder.

Here's a statement Pope Francis made in 2014 condemning scientists playing with life.

There is plenty of material we can substantiate that raise concerns about the Holy Father's trajectory. I would not get flustered about people pulling things out of their pocket in an audience and independent people claiming the Pope contradicted Divine, moral, natural law with the nudge and wink.

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