Monday, February 1, 2016

Good Grief

There is something terribly wrong with a seminary who couldn't see a problem with this sick individual.

Where did he think he was going to store the baby at the seminary?

How could his twisted mind escape the scrutiny of sharp staff and peers at Franciscan University?

Screwball is written all over him. There had to be red flags in his relationships.

Kinda scary.


Anonymous said...

Horrible grief.

That said, if you're reacting just to the photo, he's legally blind - has had glaucoma since birth, and was photographed without his glasses and stick.!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/article_400/seminary1n-1-web.jpg

TTC said...

I have looked at numerous photos and it was obvious in each one of them that the individual was not playing with a full deck. (Has nothing at all to do wit his eyesight issues.)

Steven Cornett said...

One other detail is that the transcripts, interviews, and psychological examinations revealed nothing about this guy.

In other words, they are useless in discerning evil. That said, it is certain the we're red flags, since somebody did authorities to him even before be started at the seminary.

S said...

Who are you to judge?
What was he gonna do with the baby?
Kill it of course.

TTC said...

S, I wondered the same thing, and is his boldness a sign he has done it before. Buying a baby to have sex with and then kill it doesn't seem to me to be a first time crime.

TTC said...

Steven, if the psyche test missed this sociopath, it is suspicious for reverting back to the glory days of weeding out heterosexuals who practice their religion and think the seminary should be a place where they are given the mystical tools for their vocation.

They didn't have to worry this guy was counting mysteries of the Rosary or allergic to mortal sin.

Anonymous said...

We seriously should all thank God that the infant was spared being raped and possibly murdered by this monster.