Thursday, June 2, 2016

Archbishop Chaput Says His Appointment to US Committee to Implement Amoris Laetitia Is Just the Same Old Dog and Pony Show

Catholic social media was buzzing with news that Archbishop Chaput was appointed to Chair the 'committee' on US implementation of Amoris Laetitia.

Some penned articles suggesting Archbishop Chaput's appointment signaled admitting unrepentant adulterers to the Blessed Sacrament was imperiled with this new development.

I honestly thought to myself, What kind of a Dog and Pony Show is this?

And sure enough, hours later, Archbishop Chaput confirmed the committee doesn't give a flying fig about the underlying license for spiritual malpractice in Amoris Laetitia. Their purpose is simply reconnaissance.

Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia described as “misleading” an article claiming that his leadership of a working group on the Pope’s most recent document “sends a signal” regarding U.S. policy on Communion...

“The news sends a signal on the question of admitting divorced and remarried people to Communion,” the Catholic Herald said, citing instances in which Archbishop Chaput has affirmed Church teaching on the subject.

However, Archbishop Chaput said that the Catholic Herald’s characterization was not entirely accurate.

“There is no policy dimension to what we are doing,” he said. “The bishops in the group are currently the chairmen of various committees and I am the chair-elect of the committee on Laity, Marriage, Family and Youth...

“Our ‘committee’ is very ad hoc and may exist for only three or four months,” Archbishop Chaput told CNA June 1.

“Our goal is to gather what the bishops of the USA are doing and share that information with the other bishops, and then also send a report to Cardinal (Lorenzo) Baldisseri who has asked for reports from the various conferences."

Archbishop Chaput clarified any misconception the Holy Father has interests in supervising wayward priests and bishops who will use his practice manual to mislead souls to spiritual suicide.

That misconception would be such a terrible disservice to Catholic families, he had to rush out into the public square to clear up the delusion he will help us.

Thanks very much!

I can save the committee a lot of trouble.

You can report back to the Holy See that the three years of mockery of our religion and slandering faithful practice of Sacramental Grace is going swell.

I recently ran into one of Boston's canon lawyers who very happily told me that in some cases they are turning around annulments in a little over a month.

You can tell the Holy Father that picking apostates to author and articulate his policy to contradict Church teaching in practice worked splendidly. As this sleazy and deceptive jury-rigging always does, it has undermined and discredited catechesis of our religion in the home, family and every apostolate in the Church.

The Holy Father really struck the right chord with the caricature of himself as the modernist pope who has arrived not to change Church teaching but rather to change the moral compasses of our relatives with edicts to practice contradiction.

He really hit the jackpot with his award-winning talking points of the virtues of adultery and sodomy and using contraception to thwart giving life to disabled people.

I'm not sure the uncatechized are catching on to the utopia of communism. I think praising and helping the campaigns of socialists may have been hampered by the 'mercy' of country-wide starvation in his home country of Argentina.

But he already knows all this. Millions of Catholics have written to him to inform him of the fruit of his talking points. Faithful Bishops and Cardinals have told him.

The committee headed by Archbishop Chaput is the same old dog and pony show of forming a committee to tell him what he already knows: the intended outcome.

Giddy up!


Anonymous said...

In effect His Excellency is saying, “Have no fear; I’m only here to wet my finger and hold it in the air to determine which way the wind is blowing.”

Anonymous said...

TTC said...


Prayers for them both!

I recently had an interaction with Fr Reed about something outrageous that was published in the Pilot and was very impressed with how he handled the matter. He came across as a very honest, humble, kind priest who understood why parents are on top of nonsense that is offers for consumption by people whose duty it is to know better. He is an excellent addition to the bishops of Boston.

I have also had numerous interactions with Fr O'Connell but not for many years. He is a fiesty one and my general experience won him the Nick name of sled dog. The hierarchy would make a stupid judgment call and load him up to deliver the goods and deliver them, he did. He pulled a couple of fast ones when the Chancery was really a bunker they were protecting with skullduggery. I believe the squirmishes and some personell changes have softened most of them up a bit. Not sure how he emerged from the battles. Time will tell!

A third bishop was named that I wasn't familiar with. Anyone know him?

Are some bishops retiring or excardinating? Seems a little top heavy? My sense is Cardinal Sean has been an airport bishop for some time and the inmates were running the asylum. Perhaps these changes reflect better staffing in his absence.

Anonymous said...

Bp Kennedy turns 75 later this year, and Bp Dooher next year.

It's interesting that the two non-episcopal regional vicars (Fr Flavin and Fr Petringa) were not elevated. I wonder if the new auxiliaries will replace them.

TTC said...

Wow, I didn't realize they were that old. Time flies!

Whooh boy, as soon as I read about Fr O'Connell, I got the distinct whiff of vicar general elect. Things could have changed since my business with the man but he knew how to play the good ole boys like a pro. It's a dying breed.

Is fr F the priest who was put on charge of pastoral outreach to priests? I asked him to reach out to a few struggling priests and I wasn't very edified with the results. In fairness, the job probably burns one out quickly. I don't think I know Fr P. He must either fly under the radar or kept his nose clean!

In any event, it is very interesting the new aux were not harvested from the the career track!

TTC said...

Ps- I am also surprised Fr Keily was overlooked.. He has the goods and would make an excellent bishop.

Maybe he doesn't want the job?

Who would!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's right, there are # non-episcopal regional vicars, including Fr Keily. Former practice was that those were typically converted into auxiliary bishops. However, that was merely convention, and there's absolutely no real tradition or canonical requirement for it. Frankly, I'd rather the Church got made the election of auxiliary and titular bishops a relatively rare thing. I'd also like to beef up what it means to be dean or vicar forane, and make that level of oversight more robust (including having most parish priests in a deanery or vicariate forane live together in a house of religion, as it were; parishes could repurpose or sell off rectories).

TTC said...

Your ideas would most certainly make teaching our religion safe and effective for the family.

The way it is now, bishops are able to put the code red on anyone who tries to intercede for the victims of a wingnut priest.

This is what was so revealing about bishop wenski's letter to whistleblowers. The systemic rot is still very much in place.