Thursday, June 2, 2016

I Have Noticed Something: The Moonbats Really Love to Give Each Other Awards

Pope Francis awards George Clooney and Richard Gere!

Do they do it in your diocese?

They do it here and it's always the biggest enemies of the family in religious education and politics. It is a chancery contest to find the richest people who have done the most damage to the salvation of souls and come up with some kind of an award to give them.

They pretend the person's day job helping to slay bodies and souls is irrelevant.

Why is the Roman Pontiff sponsoring farcical award ceremonies for philandering movie stars and putanas from Hollywood?

Am I missing a few chapters in Scripture?

Did Christ run award ceremonies for the sorcerers and entertainers?

Something ain't right!

What is next?

Michaelangelo award for artistic excellence to Larry Flint?

The Blessed Virgin Award for Virtuous Performance to Miley Cyrus?


Anonymous said...

These awards are truly DISGUSTING!

I could easily see Clooney getting an award from the antichrist or the masons - that makes sense.

Michael Dowd said...

Hey, just another way for Pope Francis to call attention to himself. Perhaps he is working on replacing the Oscar with the Francis.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Francis should give the Dezinger-Bergoglio a WebLog award for their outstanding effort trying to make sense of his off the cuff remarks. They are diocesan priests trying navigate the choppy waters of this unpredictable pontificate.

Anonymous said...

We cannot make this stuff up!