Thursday, June 16, 2016

Bishop Lynch Accuses Christ of Breeding Contempt

Lynch's Latest:

Second, sadly it is religion, including our own, which targets, mostly verbally, and also often breeds contempt for gays, lesbians and transgender people.

If you ask me, blaming Christ is a demonic utterance to defend the muslimic credo to kill infidels.

If you don't vote for Trump we'll be seeing a lot more of it, but I digress.

Some well-written analysis at Lifesite.

But in what may be the most outrageous case of speciously projecting fault, the Catholic bishop of St. Petersburg, Florida, distorted the very faith he was ordained to uphold.

You've got that right!

Didn't this God-forsaken wolf turn 75 yet?

Is he serious?

Church teaching doesn't breed contempt for prostitutes.

It doesn't breed contempt for people who live together.

It doesn't breed contempt for people who steal your car.

It doesn't even breed contempt for rapists and murderers.

But somewhere in his twisted mind, "though shalt not commit adultery" breeds contempt for homosexuals.

When these kinds of statements have been made by ordained men in the past, faithful priests refer to the phenomenon as a 'self-loathing homosexual'.

I call your attention to this.

The sexual misconduct charge against Lynch involved former diocesan employee Bill Urbanski, 42, who reported to Church officials that Lynch had sexually harassed him on numerous occasions.

Lynch later gave this context to following the man around like a dog in heat,

Later, Bishop Lynch admitted that he may have crossed the line between friendship and work. He made a vague reference to getting some "counseling."

Lesson learned. Always chase your eyecandy outside of your place of employment.

The contractor was a much better fit:

In addition to reporting on the Lynch-Urbanski story, the St. Petersburg Times and the Tampa Tribune were looking into rumors of Bishop Lynch's intimate relationship with bachelor David Herman, a contractor who had moved from Fort Lauderdale to St. Petersburg with Lynch when he was installed as bishop. The two men had vacationed together in Hawaii, San Francisco, Key West, Bermuda, Israel and Rome, sometimes accompanied by Urbanski.

Herman had several things in common with Urbanski, one of them being that both men were triathletes. In March 2000, all three men, that is Herman, Urbanski and Lynch went to West Palm Beach for a weekend. Urbanski said the bishop pressured him to go. When they got to their hotel, Urbanski said that Lynch made him take a steam bath together. Herman, who joined the two men said that Urbanski clearly did not want to be there.

Urbanski said that when Lynch began to make sexual overtures towards him, he tried to avoid the bishop as much as possible. "I tried to avoid him as the years progressed, without him getting mad at me. I couldn't have him mad at me. It was a tough day at work if he was mad at me, yet I couldn't leave. He went as far as to tell me how to wear my hair. If I got my hair cut, he would say, 'Oh, Bill. You need to grow your hair back. It's not a flattering haircut for you.'" He said that when he and Bishop Lynch traveled together the bishop always insisted on sharing rooms, and sometimes appeared naked from the shower.

In April 2002, Urbanski gave a lengthy interview to Brad Smith of the Tampa Tribune in which he elaborated on his four and a half-year relationship with Bishop Lynch. He said that Lynch was a lavish spender who always traveled first class and that he (Urbanski) was frequently the recipient of the bishop's largesse — watches, designer clothing and other expensive items. Urbanski said at first he was grateful, until he realized that the gifts came at a price — more time, attention, and ultimately sexual favors for the bishop.

It is interesting to note that reporters following the case appeared to be unfazed by the homosexual overtones of the Lynch-Herman relationship or Lynch taking sexual familiarities with Urbanski, a married man with two small children baptized by the bishop. They were upset, however, by the accusation that Lynch, as Corporation Sole of the Diocese of St. Petersburg, had awarded Herman highly inflated new construction contracts totaling $30.3 million on a non-competitive bid basis even though diocesan regulations mandate open bidding for church construction work.

He certainly had some innovative programs in place to help, as he put it, homosexual relationships present no risk to the Church, and in fact can be godly and elevate society and the Church.

As I've said a million times before - if they are preaching it, the likelihood it is a public confession is very high.

It is so scandalous that the Holy See empowers this man and the thousands just like him.


Kd said...

It is a complete betrayal of Christ and His Flock! This is one of those bad Bishops the Pope needs to get rid of and fast. I never thought I'd hear this coming from one of our "fathers".

Anonymous said...

This dear Bishop has put a target on every Catholics back.

Anonymous said...

He did turn 75...and he did turn in his letter to retire. PTL I am praying that God will give us a new bishop to purge the modernism infecting this diocese and one who will courageously battle the demonic stronghold of homosexuality statewide here in Florida. I can't even begin to tell you of the gay friendly priests, the liberal modernist agenda that infects so many parishes, good priests who dare to speak the truth banished to some parish on the outskirts, my own personal suffering at the hands of 2 gay friendly priests (if not gay themselves) and my broken family as a result of it all. They have ruled with an iron fist...all of them in cooperation with one another while the uncatechized sit like puppets of propaganda listening to them as if they are the poster boys of the "new" evangelization.

Even after his official announcement and letter of retirement he's still trying to poison
the well.

Pray for God's mercy on His people here.

Anonymous said...

He should have been removed years ago since he did not have the integrity to step down when his stalking of another man became public knowledge. And he also has prevented Eucharistic Adoration in his diocese. What does that tell you? Who does he serve? He must have some very strong protectors in the hierarchy or have some serious dirt on some of them that he has been able to remain in place.

S said...

Pope says.most marriage sacraments are invalid. Hmmm. Is it possible that most ordinations and elevations to bishop are invalid? Certainly would explain alot. Lynch = not a real Bishop. Hmm. Is the sede position really that outlandish?

Anonymous said...

Our Lady of Fatima said souls are falling into hell like snowflakes because of sins of the flesh, he'll must be almost at full comps its I would think.