Sunday, June 12, 2016

Vatican Official Monsignor Jean-Marie Mupendawatu Says Pope Francis Welcomes United Nations Killing Goals

Watching US bishops with proabort politicians for several decades, I've often wondered if they would ever have the spinal fortitude to stop the passive-aggressive support of killing infants and just come right out and announce their support for it.

I never thought they would, LOL.

No doubt emboldened by the sight of the wild pack of dogs mauling 2000 years of Church teaching in St. Peter's Square, Pope Francis appointee has taken a step forward:

Pope Francis’ representative to the United Nations told the World Health Assembly in Switzerland last month that the Holy See “welcomes” goal 3 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), focused on ensuring “healthy lives,” and the goal’s 13 targets.

Pope Francis despicable administrative support of abortion is being spun as 'healthy lives'.

If the UN ever decides to endorse countries executing unwanted priests and bishops, 'healthy lives' political agendas that include killing their backsides would have a hard time finding a ecclesiastical wizard with a welcome wagon.

In a lot of ways I admire Monsignor Jean-Marie Mupendawatu intellectual honesty.

We've spent a lot of years calling them to the carpet for honoring Herod, pretending their killing decrees were meaningless ancillary initiatives that shouldn't stop them from going on a cruise together.

Aren't you tired of listening to their deceptive excuses?

Last year pro-life advocates became alarmed when Holy See representative Archbishop Bernardito Auza told the UN that the Vatican supported the goals and targets of the SDGs “verbatim” despite two goals having targets that call for “universal access” to “sexual and reproductive health and reproductive rights” as well as “family planning” services.

Isn't it refreshing to see somebody finally just come out and admit it?

“The Holy See delegation welcomes the vital emphasis on the dignity of the human person and the strong focus on equity expressed in the pledge that 'no one will be left behind'.

Except the dead babies and the mothers who sell their salvation for killing their children. They are left behind but they mean nothing to them. The politicans can kill babies right under their nose and the Holy See will call the initiative 'a vital emphasis on the dignity of the human person' and an initiative “to combat climate change and its impact on health”.

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Anonymous said...

How about this recent piece on the Vatican Radio website? It does not mention that the same individuals also seek to eliminate children in Africa by doubling funding for contraceptives and abortifacients. The vaccine and other new products against the malaria parasite that they seek to develop may also contain anti-fertility agents (for example, see "‘A mass sterilization exercise’: Kenyan doctors find anti-fertility agent in UN tetanus vaccine" at ).

Bill and Melinda Gates and Barack Obama – Working to end Malaria in Africa


The world’s richest couple, Bill and Melinda Gates, and U.S. President Barack Obama are giving financial backing to global plans to eliminate malaria.

The Gateses aim to eradicate malaria by 2040 by doubling funding over the next decade to support the roll out of new products to tackle rising drug resistance to the disease.

Their goal of permanently ending transmission of the disease between humans and mosquitoes is more ambitious than the Sustainable Development Goal of ending epidemic levels of malaria by 2030.

They are also supporting a push to create the world’s first vaccine against a parasite.

* * *

StevenD-Jasper said...

Omalley, what a sniveling coward.

Anonymous said...

ChurchMilitant's Bradley Eli reports:

Vatican Schools United Nations on Sexual Morality: Holy See corrects UN’s position on abortion, contraception, gender and parental rights

June 15, 2015

NEW YORK – The United Nations (UN) was set straight by the Holy See last week in the UN’s push for abortion, contraception, gender ideology and negation of parental rights — all under the guise of population control.


[The Church's leaders and reps at the Vatican and the UN should get their act straightened out and speak with clarity and consistency on this matter, but those qualities are not hallmarks of this papacy.]