Monday, July 4, 2016

Earth to Pope: There is nothing 'ultraconservative' about Catholics who practice the religion you are robbing from our children and grandchildren.

The Pope has once again said he doesn't give a flying fig about the faithful Catholics reporting the damage his contradictions to Church teaching are doing to the family.

Pope vows he won't be slowed down by 'ultraconservatives'.

In a new interview with an Argentine journalist, Pope Francis says there's a wing of the Catholic Church that "says no to everything,"

Is he serious?

I'm sick and tired of having the refusal to embrace the heresy of Cardinal Kasper and friends as 'ultraconservative', aren't you?

And brace yourself.

He followed this kick in the head by explaining he is Mr. Mercy.

I want a Church that is open, understanding, that accompanies wounded families,” he said. “They say no to everything. I go ahead, without looking over my shoulder.”

Remember that the next time somebody you love tells you Pope Francis approves of adultery, sodomy and contraception and when you try to explain the consequences of what he's doing in the family and he insults you.

This is his idea of being open, understanding and accompanying us. Right to hell. Thanks a bunch.

And how about that sinister quote about removing faithful bishops by applying pressure upwards. You wait for them to die or retire and replace them with prelates who will do what he's doing to all of our relatives.

Remarkable how willing he is to disclose his plans to oust faithful Catholics.

He's waiting for us to die and in the meantime work on our family members and he doesn't give a sh*t how much we complain about it.

Such a nice guy!    What a relief to know he's filling the hierarchy with more of them.

I am fasting for Francis - hope you are too!

Happy Independence Day!


Anonymous said...

This is Francis being Lutheran.

Mark Docherty said...

A nexus of evil on the throne of St. Peter.

TLM said...

Oh but you missed his 'merciful' treatment of faithful 'conservatives'. He won't 'chop off heads', not his style......he never liked doing that. "Chop off heads"??!!! What kind of analogy IS THAT??!!! An ISIS style!!! Just exactly WHO IS THIS MAN who sits in the Chair of Peter, pray tell???!!!!!

Michael Dowd said...

Now we know that a faithful Catholic is a bad Catholic. Why are they bad? Because by their lives they might shame Catholics who engage in adultery,sodomy,fornication, etc. and might influence them to change their ways. Evidently the way to escape being a bad Catholic is to become a sinful Catholic. Mad Pope Francis has unusual methods of spirituality--most probably from the devil.