Sunday, July 3, 2016

This is getting ugly.

I'm just catching up on the Holy Father's comments about Luther's 'gift' of separating millions of souls from the Sacraments and salvation.

Something ain't right!

"I think that the intentions of Martin Luther were not mistaken. He was a reformer."

"That document of justification I think is one of the richest ecumenical documents in the world, one in most agreement."


Sandro Magister doesn't always get it right, but if this is to be believed, I would imagine the See of Bishops will have to do something about Captain Quigg.

Meanwhile, here's an Independence Day gift.

I shed a tear or two watching this great patriot!


M. Prodigal said...

Luther had the 'gift' of schism, of starting civil war and leading many souls to perdition.

Anonymous said...

Luther and all the Protestant sects that developed from his teachings were condemned by the Council of Trent, so much for that Council.
Where's the Mercy Francis? Luther taught works of sinners are sins, there's no such thing as the Sacraments (except Baptism) no Sacrifice of The Mass, no Indulgences, no praying to the Saints. He held that man sins in whatever he does, that the sins of the just are covered by faith and not don't away with, huh? All vows are made to the devil. That concupiscence is invincible, that sensual instincts are irrepressible,

Woe is me...someone stop this nonsense! Come Lord Jesus Come!

Michael Dowd said...

No surprise. Pope is right. We are all Protestants now. I doubt if most Catholics would have a problem with any of this. After all, the preparation for the Protestant heresy has been a long time coming, ever since Vatican II and most probably well before.