Monday, August 1, 2016

Another Article on the Shea-Fisher-Shimek Scandal at EWTN

A good read.

The response of the Register's Editor Dan Burke in the comments section is interesting.

He wanted to set the record straight that he pulled Shimek's article before the uproar in Christendom. He said he was shocked to read Shimek's commentary published at EWTN.

I've hear great things about Dan which makes the tempest all the more puzzling.

Why would you hire Christendom's Amanda Marcotte and Charlie Sheen and then claim you are shocked by their published articles at EWTN?

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Anonymous said...

sure pope francis and all the sodomite bishops would approve of the filth running out of 'catholic' reporters' mouths; just like they approve of all the catholic polticians voting to legalize abortion and sodomite 'marriage' to please pope francis and in fact naming themselves "pope francis catholics."