Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Another Day, Another Charade Involving Heresy from Pope Francis

In May, Pope Francis remarked that the Catholic Church should study whether women could be “reinstated” as deacons — a proposal that could introduce a role for women in the Catholic clergy that has been open only to men for centuries.

On Tuesday, he made good on that comment, made last spring to a gathering of nuns. The Vatican announced the members of the new Commission for the Study of the Diaconate of Women, whose examinations may weigh both church tradition and also possibly take stock of contemporary views and needs among Catholic clergy and worshipers.

Here's a statement from the class clown who has been strategically placed on (yet) another rope-a-dope 'committee':

Seven men and six women will serve on the committee. They include priests, nuns and professors; several live in Rome, but one, Phyllis Zagano, teaches at Hofstra University in New York. Zagano has written a book entitled “Holy Saturday: An Argument for the Restoration of the Female Diaconate in the Catholic Church.”

“The dignity of women to be recognized as able to minister as part of the ordained diaconate — to recognize that dignity is world-changing,” Zagano said in an interview with The Washington Post shortly after she learned she had been tapped for the committee. “I think it really speaks specifically to the way the church views women. My hope for the commission would be that it would make a decision.”

Oh, it will 'make a decision' all right. Pass out St. John Paul II encyclical explaining infallible teaching and adjourn.

And be sure to stay tuned. Right after the horses backsides complete this coddiwomple, they will study whether pigs can fly.


Michael Dowd said...

In this age of Hillary and Pope Francis we should not be surprised at anything. God seems to be in hiding. Please God, come out from where ever You are and help us do something about all the craziness especially in Your Church.

Anonymous said...

Phyllis Zagano is being lionized on the Internet, including the Vatican Radio website:

Member of Diaconate for Women Commission reacts to move


(Vatican Radio) A member of the newly-established commission set up by Pope Francis to study the question of the Diaconate for women spoke of her delight over the Pope's move. Dr Phyllis Zagano, who teaches at Hofstra University in Hampstead, New York, is one of the six female members of the Commission whose formation was announced on Tuesday. She is the author of some 20 books on religious studies including several on the issue of the Diaconate for women. Dr Zagano spoke to Susy Hodges about her reaction to her appointment and explained why she believes setting up this Commission is such an important and positive move on the part of the Pope.

Listen to the interview with Dr Phyllis Zagano, member of the Commission set up by Pope Francis to study the question of the Diaconate for women:

Describing herself as “honoured” to have been named as a member of this Commission, Dr Zagano said she hopes it will lead to deciding that women should be included in the office of the Deacon. She also believes such a move will enable the Catholic Church “to speak more forcefully to the world about the dignity and place of women, not only in the Church but also in society.”