Saturday, August 27, 2016

Is Phil Lawlor still scratching his head?

Is the Vatican, under Pope Francis, moving away from teachings of John Paul II on life and marriage?

I mean, come on.

The king is in the-all-together.

Where is Phil going with this?

Let's put into the deep.

St. John Paul II's writings were not personal opinions, they were faithful to 2000 years of Church Teaching.

Consequently, Pope Francis is leading away from the teachings of Christ.


Mark Docherty said...

It's simply impossible for anyone with a computer to claim invincible ignorance with regards to the Francis. It's the death of intellectual honesty.

Brian said...

Thank you for crystallizing the central issue of our day. We have forgotten Christ. We worship self. Every "self" determines what is true. It is the essence of Protestantism and its spawn, democracy. Personal opinions derived from personal realities.

Thus, Pope John Paul II, had some opinions; good ones according to the "new-con" tribe of Catholic. Pope Francis has some controversial opinions; good ones according to the "lberal" Catholic tribe. Every Pope through time equally isolated from his brethren.

What we have done, the central heresy of our day, is to disconnect the Church Body from all the Faithful who preceded us, all of whom are rooted in Jesus Christ. The Kingship of Christ is replaced by the democratic vote of the mob: power and a majority determine truth from day to day.

Pope John Paul II spoke Truth ONLY to the extent he spoke in accord with the Eternal Church. He was only one of many. And to the extent Pope Francis DISCONNECTS himself from that line of Faithful, that eternal Tree; he is an orphan sitting on a very powerful Seat. His power is on loan from God and there will be an accounting.

The ONLY reason I became, and remain Catholic is the continuity of generations all connected to Christ in one Body without regard to time. Unity is the essence of the Church and Heaven to which She belongs. And all f it orients and springs from Christ the King.

Michael Dowd said...

There are new truths in the Catholic Church despite what Pope Francis says. If Pope Francis disputes Catholic doctrine it confirms he is not speaking the truth and is misleading the faithful.

Anonymous said...

Or as some ask: Is the Vatican, under Pope Francis, carrying the teachings of John Paul II on life and marriage (and those of Vatican II - such as in Gaudium et Spes: The Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World) to their logical conclusions?