Thursday, August 25, 2016

Pope Francis Suggests Priests Apply Muddled Thinking in the Sacrament of Confession

This one really hits home for me because I was a victim of this malady for so many years when I was rebelling against Church teaching on contraception.

As I've mentioned before on this blog, people whose minds are muddled from sin seek out priests who will enable the behavior.    We find out where they are and drive to their parish to listen to their lies so we can keep on doing what we're doing without guilt.

The secular culture hates guilt because it drives you crazy until you stop the bad behavior.

If you have an affinity to be attracted to ordained men who will relieve you of guilt, your soul is so far gone it has affected your intellect.  The only fix for that is the Sacraments of Confession and the Eucharist.

Most of the priests I would go out of my way to use as a shepherd would not absolve the use of contraception.    I could never quite get comfortable with it, but I continued to put my salvation in their care.

The one thing that saved me was the consistent voice of St. John Paul II.   With the Pope constantly articulating Church teaching, I eventually knew I was being lied to.

I still went to the bad priests to hear the lies but each time St. John Paul II spoke about contraception, my skepticism grew.

I remember the last time a priest tried to tell me he wasn't going to absolve me.  I interrupted him with "Don't you dare try to tell me...etc.    He obliged and absolved me and  I walked out of the counterfeit church for good.

I think this is why the disordered nonsense coming out of Pope Francis is so disturbing to me.   Our people are being hoodwinked from the Chair of Peter.  

Just listen to this irrational bag of lies he is selling:

“The Church today needs to grow in the ability of spiritual discernment,” the pope told the Polish Jesuits, whom he met with during his visit to Krakow as he led a week-long Catholic festival called World Youth Day.

“Some programs of priestly formation run the risk of educating in the light of overly clear and distinct ideas, and therefore to act within limits and criteria that are rigidly defined in advance and that set aside concrete situations: this must be done, this mustn’t be done,” the pope said during the July 30 meeting he had with some 30 Jesuits.

Francis said that priests who weren’t taught the “wisdom of discernment” during their formation years, later “find themselves in difficulty in accompanying the life of so many young people and adults.”

“And many people leave the confessional disappointed. Not because the priest is bad, but because the priest doesn’t have the ability to discern situations, to accompany them in authentic discernment,”
express remorse to God for your lack of faith, your fall to temptation - and receive the gift of Sanctifying Grace to help resist temptation.

If a person is confessing a sin in the confessional, they know the behavior is an offense to God and the proper response to the activity is to receive Sanctifying Grace.

There's a spark of Sanctifying Grace already at work and we now have a Pope who is asking priests to throw a wet blanket on it by deliberately befuddling them and withholding absolution.

That's what the Holy Father is talking about here. If there was ever a statement that defines the trajectory he is imposing upon the people we love, this is it. What harm could ever be done by absolution and the power in Sanctifying Grace? What on earth would ever posses the man to instruct priests to obstruct it?

Oh, we are discerning all right.

You can take that to the bank.


Michael Dowd said...

Here is our friend Mundabor on same subject. It's hard to improve on this:

"The Evil Clown has thrown another bomb; and whilst I try not to write only about him, this time it can’t be avoided.

The subversive content of his words spoken in Poland cannot be underestimated. This is man who, not happy with his priests giving sacrilegious communions to adulterers, wants them to betray Christ also in the confessional!

The evil is breathtaking.

The confessional is the place where the priest stages the last line of defense from Satan’s attacks. The poor serious sinner coming to the confessional is – one must suppose – at least fighting a battle and try to extricate himself from his serious sins (I remind you that these sins cannot be cohabitation, much less an adulterous one: the priest would not be allowed to listen to their confession, much less absolve them, until the scandal has ceased). You would think a Pope would want his priests to speak very clearly about the danger of hell, and use the short moments in the confessional to change lives.

No. Of course not. In Francis’ atheist, Christ-hating world such a behavior only has one effect: the sinner “leaves the confessional disappointed”.

You disappointed the fornicator! How dare you? Don’t you know about the many shades of grey?

Boy: this one is a drunkard, an idiot, or a first-class enemy of Christ."


Sal said...

I'm sorry, but this post, as written, doesn't seem to make sense.
If those priests were not absolving your use of contraception, they were
doing the right thing.
Am I missing something here?

TTC said...


I thought it was clear, so thanks for asking.

I wasn't seeking absolution of active use.

My use was off and on. When I would hear John Paul contradict what the misguided priest was telling me, I would stop and seek Cinfession. The priest would tell me women can use contraception and refuse to absolve use as a sin. You can imagine what happens when a priest does that? The person overrules what is now her rightly firmed conscience and goes back to it. Went on for a few years until I finally decided to read Humana Vitae and asked God to show me the Truth.

That is precisely what the pope is now suggesting confession be used for. To rob people who come to them and confess sins.

Sal said...

Thank you. That is much clearer.

If I understand, they were refusing to treat concraception as a sin
that needed absolution, not for the other reasons one might be refused

TTC said...

No, thank you!

Yes. But even worse.

I originally went there convinced it was a sin. Which I'm pretty sure every person who bothers to go there to confess something or other also does. Otherwise they would go to get an ice cream or to the movies.

After confessing it, they told me it wasn't a sin which in my stupidity from sun, I actually believed! I suppose because I wanted to.

That made me mad at The Church. It made me mad at anyone who tried to tell me I was wrong. not only did I go bac to contraception, i thought the Institutuin of the Church was lying to me. I lost trust for the Mystical Body of Christ and I grew apart from It.

I had great respect for the lying priests.

I don't see how any other consequence of what the pope is doing would play out, do you?

TTC said...

Michael, Mundabor is furious but he sure gets what the Pope is doing!