Saturday, August 20, 2016

Priest says: "It's my fault"

Outstanding reading.

I am a weak spiritual leader who has led us to a place where “conservatives” cannot get elected or stay in office without making horrible compromises. I take the blame on this one.

I sat by and allowed sappy, effeminate, profane liturgies demoralize and deaden the hearts of our Catholic men (and many Catholic women). I remained mostly silent as feminists stripped our men of their dignity as husbands and fathers and spiritual heads of their households. I remained mostly silent as men slipped into the soul-deadening addiction of internet pornography. I remained mostly silent as liberal ideologues captured the attention of our youth. I remained mostly silent when our own Catholic leadership watered down and compromised the values and principles and morals of a once solid bedrock of faith in a tempted world. I remained mostly silent as our beloved Catholic Church was turned from a powerhouse of prayer and supernatural grace into one among many secular non-government organizations.

Please - do yourself a favor and read this devastating confession. All of us have been there.

Yes. We all let it get too far.

But we are making up for it now.

Way too late but better late than never.

N.B. Fr. Heilman had a post on Indulgences which I'm having trouble finding but will post when I do.

This is something powerful which I - and I suspect all of us - are out of the habit of doing.

The gift of indulgences to souls in purgatory adds tremendous spiritual power to your prayer life. (As does offering a Mass seeking the intention for their release.)

I don't know where this priest came from but we sooooo needed this kind of leadership.

Incidentally, I believe he helps men to organize the Holy League in their community? More info to follow.


Anonymous said...

And it is my fault too for not being as holy as I am called to be; for not praying as much as I can; for not always being the best example of a disciple of Christ.

Michael Dowd said...

Most heartening. Hopefully we will hear more from him. There should be a place for priests to go, and be able to continue to do God's work, who wish to reform the Church form the disaster of Vatican II.