Sunday, August 21, 2016

Simcha Fisher's Vulgarity Worsens After Shea Was Let Go from the National Catholic Register

I think it's fair to say that everyone was surprised that the Register retained Simcha.

Maybe they hoped Simcha would clean up her act. Unfortunately, it seems she's chosen the route of escalating her rhetoric to something you'd expect from a back-alley ghetto prostitute.

Fisher is the most vulgar women I have ever encountered.

That is saying a lot.

I was born in Roxbury and grew up in Boston. I did go to Catholic school, so I was a little protected from the foul-mouthed fishwives and ruffians, but we saw it all.

Apologies up front for the vulgarity but I believe the National Catholic Register has more cleaning house to do and her vulgarity should be under their noses.

She wasn't done yet:

The lady is a tramp.

And here is the worst part: she is conditioning other women to talk this way.

..and this woman who came onto Fr. Heilman's facebook page and repeated Simcha's rhetoric, almost verbatim:


Fr. Heilman is the priest who is running the Holy League, leading us in today's Lepanto.

Can you imagine talking like a putana in front of this holy man?

This is not the kind of leadership that has any place in Mother Angelica's apostolate. They've got to finish the job.


Steve Dalton said...

The one good thing about this firing of Shea is that his fellow vulgarians are exposing themselves for the hollow people that they really are. Hopefully, this will cause them to lose their audience, and prompt them to seek employment elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Carol, just yesterday I was asking my husband where any of us could go to get away from vulgar and crude women and men. We are surrounded by them - young and old - but mostly young.

Has no one any dignity anymore?

Taya said...


I dint understand why the Register didn't can her with Shea.

They must have known this stuff was out there.

Seems so foolish.

Anonymous said...

One of the women actually thanks Simcha for joining her in the gutter.

Can't imagine that potty mouth was or will be retained in the future by the Register.

Those are the desperate cries of begging for Shea's fate.

Lisa Graas said...

She tweeted that she's been fired from the Register as of today.

TTC said...


I thought she'd want to slip away quietly to avoid the turmoil and misunderstanding when the news hits blogosphere.

Guess we'll have to brace ourselves for another wave of venom.

Prayers for all.

TTC said...

I should add this departure turns a new leaf for the Register for many Catholics who were upset by their continued affiliation of Mark and Simcha. It also brings great hope that Catholics will be free to evangelize the authentic faith without facing challenges from within.

Everyone is sorry this is the way it had to end.

Anonymous said...

Given what you've posted, Fisher should have been fired for massive stupidity, at the very latest. She goes on a vulgar rant roughly 72 hours after Shea gets canned for using vile language to attack anyone who dares disagree with him? Does she have an IQ in the idiot range?

What's truly infuriating about this whole episode is that Shea and Fisher aren't young and inexperienced. They're middle-aged parents (and, in Shea's case, a grandparent). Yet they think they can get away with infantile professional behavior. Frankly, up until now, they have been.

This whole episode is not a moral black eye on the "apologetics" profession. It's a concussion bordering on a brain tumor. Why has it taken this long for somebody to hold Shea and Fisher accountable for the abominable behavior? Why hadn't Keating, Hahn, Staples, Akin and the rest of those bozos even bothered to try?

I'm not sorry it had to end like this. I'm glad. Shea and Fisher got what they deserved. They should have gotten it years ago. When the evil are defeated -- and, make no mistake, the Bobbsey (Booby?) Twins of Catholic "apologetics" were evil -- the righteous have cause to rejoice!

Dymphna said...

I question the judgement of people who let Shea and Fischer go on as horribly as they did for so long and I don't think I'm the only one. EWTN must have taken a financial hit.

TTC said...

It certainly was a scandal that it went on for so long. I never understood why good theologians at EWTN didn't try to intervene. Maybe they did. God knows hundreds of people have appealed to them over the years. I doubt they knew it was as bad as we knew it was and I think the constant itemization from many directions and people over the last few months, compounded by the idiotic post by Shimek, created enough of a backlash to be persuasive.

All these years, I was confident when Mother Angelica saw what was happening in her apostolate, the fur would start to fly. I do think she helped us, so please remember to thank her in your prayers.

DJR said...


Simcha Fisher

Dear Errbody, Just got word that I have been fired from the Register. My archives will remain on the site. #caseofthemondays

Wendy Babiak said...

Pray to her guardian angel that he inspire in her all the spiritual acts necessary for her good. Christ said our words come from the heart, and expose what's there. Hers show she's got some housecleaning to do. I pray she's able, by God's grace.

kathleen said...

The funniest thing about Shea and Fisher is they think they are smarter and wittier than everyone else because they are nasty. Like you, I was raised in a non-genteel part of the country and am confident I could get way more vulgar than either of them on a dime. However, I take seriously my faith's exhortation to at try *not to*. So the rank cluelessness of these two expecting to be paid for their pearls of Catholic wisdom served up crude is truly remarkable, and only exceeded by the maroons who paid them for so many years.

Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

I don't see how or WHY EWTN would want to keep this woman.
Years ago I used to follow her blog...I didn't see this sort of stuff from her until after she became bff's with Shea. I don't know if it was always there or not, but this is disgusting and EWTN has to get rid of her.

Anonymous said...

Wait? You are glad someone got fired for using profanity and celebrate their firing by using profanity?

TTC said...

Right now, I have zero tolerance for the use of deception to defend the indefensible.

The profanity published belongs to Simcha and the spiritually at-risk women who followed her example, including repeating the profanity on the page of a priest.

Laramie Hirsch said...

I tend to cuss. But it's usually idiomatic swearing, and even then, writing isn't my source of income.

Anonymous said...

Why should that make a difference?

TTC said...

Plain and Simple,

Yu have an agenda, and that agenda isn't the pursuit of truth so I'm not wasting any more of anybody's time with your foolishness.

It's over. We have reclaimed a ministry in Christ's Church. A great cause for celebration and we have only just begun.

Anonymous said...

Followers of Shea and Simcha, angry that they were let go, are trying to bring down the Register with low ratings on Amazon. If anyone would like to give them a good rating to counteract the revenge, here is the link: