Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Our magnificent Cardinal Burke warns against 'idolotry of the papacy'

To treat every word uttered by the Pope as if it were official Church teaching would be to fall into an “idolatry of the papacy,” said Cardinal Raymond Burke in a recent address at a Catholic conference in Kentucky. 

Ok, but we'd love to get to the point where he utters one or two official teachings of the Church.

Throw us a bone.

This is pretty profound:

Burke said that Catholics must be diligent not to be led astray by false teaching.
“The faithful are not free to follow theological opinions which contradict the doctrine contained in the Holy Scriptures and Sacred Tradition, and confirmed by the ordinary Magisterium, even if these opinions are finding a wide hearing in the Church and are not being corrected by the Church’s pastors as the pastors are obliged to do,” he said.

God Bless Cardinal Burke!


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

This is very similar to what Bishop Schneider said in a recent interview: that Catholics are not called to blind obedience to the pope.

Anonymous said...

Long live Cardinal Burke! I found his other article mentioned in this, Confusion in the Church very interesting. .. Prayers for all the Good Shepards!