Thursday, August 10, 2017

That would be you, dude.

Pope says he is melancholy over perfect Catholics who despise others.

Another farcical statement.


TLM said...

He insults, almost to the point of condemnation Catholics who are trying to live according to the Church's precepts, and accusing us of being 'judgemental' to those who don't. Are we all sinners? Of course we are, and Jesus has given us the sacrament of Confession to bring us ALL back into the fold. (thank you Lord for this amazing sacrament!) Are we reaching out to those who are twisting and distorting God's law in hopes that they shed the scales from their eyes and see the truth? Well, if we didn't try to help them, I'm afraid we would have to answer for that when we meet God face to face. The 'Pope' wants us to 'walk with them' and welcome them as Jesus did when He ate with sinners, but I don't recall Jesus leaving them where they were in their sins. Therein lies the error in the Pope's message, that 'accompaniment' to him seems to mean 'leaving them where they are in their sin' and to faithful Catholics it means, 'helping to bring them out of their sin'. 'Admonish the sinner' is the real charity, but 'leaving them there' not so much. I guess if Francis wants to chastise us for being what we are called to be, so be it, because after 4 years of insults, we are getting rather numb to his thrashings against the faithful, just for being 'Catholic'. With his many tongue lashings against the faithful, I see this 'technique' as spiritual ABUSE. He is beyond a doubt a spiritually abusive 'father'.

Michael Dowd said...

I agree with TLM. Pope Francis engages in spiritual abuse, but in two ways:

1. Implying to sinners that they can be forgiven without repentance.

2. Accusing repentant sinners of being judgemental and unforgiving, thus implying that we would be better off sinning without repentance.

Of course, we all know that Pope Francis is a lousy Pope and pay no attention to him. But for those who don't know that he is a lousy Pope he is doing great harm by implying they can continue in their sin.

Anonymous said...

He should be melancholy about orgies in the Vatican ,and clerical child abuse.

TLM said...

'Melancholy'? I would think that he needs to be a little more than that. He needs to be vigilant in rooting out all the evil that has totally engulfed the hierarchy in the Church. He has surrounded himself with modernist and mostly gay friendly anti Catholic Churchmen who are basically gutting the faith and hell bent on subverting the Gospel of Christ. I used to think that he really hadn't vetted the dissenters that he has surrounded himself with, and just didn't know any better, but you have to rethink that after 4 years of sacking orthodox prelates and bringing no one but heretics into his circle of high ranking advisers. At some point you have to call a spade a spade and look at it for what it is. Do we as the lay faithful have the right to call him out on his many errors? Nope........we have the DUTY to call him out on them. Truth is LOVE and if we truly love the Church we have the duty to defend her, even if that means defending her from an errant Pope. If Francis was really sincere about steering the Church in the way she should go, he would have been concerned about the Dubia of the four (and now three) Cardinals along with many other groups that have petitioned him for direction, and done his best to dispel the confusion, and at least given them the courtesy of an audience, not to mention declaring true Church Doctrine! HE REFUSES TO DO THIS. It is our duty to RESIST him in his error. Yes we pray for him and pray for him daily, but we resist his many many errors.

On the other hand, I was THRILLED to see that he is standing firm on demanding that mentally ill patients NOT be euthanized in a hospital in Belgium. But..... it's pretty sad when the faithful get ecstatic when hearing something authentically Catholic out of a Pope's mouth. His Catholic initiatives are very far and very few between.