Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sources Claim Rebecca Bratten Weiss Spearheading Attack upon Catholic Theology at Franciscan University

Weiss is still trying to infect Steubenville with her ideological and theological cancer.

I don’t understand how her ideas get traction amongst the catechized.

Their grievances are so nonsensical, it begs the question: What flaw or vice is behind the attraction to such ridiculous logical fallacies?

Is it women with low self esteem? Not a heckling question.

An open letter published by "alumni and friends" of the university accuses Professors Anne Hendershott and Stephen Krason, among others, of being "strongly ideologically aligned with the far right of American politics." As proof, the letter cites articles authored by Hendershott and Krason calling out liberal Catholic schools, leftist protests, Obama policies and feminism.

Duh. Of course Catholics with right judgment align ourselves with politicians whose policies don't rob the uncatechized of salvation and human life.

These are the actions demanded by Church teaching.

The only other alternative would 'ideologically align' us with politicians who murder children and sick people and advance the culture of immoral and amoral antichrist.

This is not theological rocket science. There is no principle of sufficient reason to advance, vote for or support politicians who will morally debase and kill our people.

Scripturally, these politicians are Herod and Herodias. In accordance with the Holy Family, we flee from and shelter our families from their political empires. In accordance with Scriptural Apostolic witness, we testify against them in the public square.

Like apartheid and slavery, politicians who cultivate ideological moral bankruptcy and abortion rule out a voting Catholics ability to align ourselves with them.

I'm dumbfounded by the theological daffiness of asking Franciscan University to disassociate themselves with Scriptural and Apostolic examples of how and what to teach and preach and do in the public square with morally bankrupt political leaders who kill children. The complainants are not attacking professors, they are attacking Catholic teaching and the witness of the Holy Family and the Apostles.

How did these women spend four years at Franciscan and walk away so theologically uncatechized?

Was one 'professor' with low self esteem given the license to destroy right judgment of students? Or, is there a bigger problem at Franciscan?

If I were their parents, I'd be sending Fr. Sean Sheridan a FedEx demanding my tuition money back!

N.B. In the comments section, it appears one of the authors of the letter is a sede vacanist? I'm guessing this is the fruit of a rotten tree at home and FU has no culpability in her sad trajectory. I'm not familiar with the internal workings of trad families, but breeding feminists seems like the furthest thing from trad family culture. Am I mistaken? Was this woman was sucked into Weiss' vacuum?


Tom said...

From The Remnant, Friday, April 20, 2018: "The Current State of Catholic Higher Education" by Jesse Russell

Inclusion in a Cardinal Newman Society Guide means that some of the faculty at a Catholic college or university are attempting to provide a genuine Catholic education to the best of their ability. It is not a guarantee that all or even most faculty and staff are Catholics, conservatives, or even competent in their field.

Many of these schools are genuinely Catholic, but some simply look Catholic.

When I speak of problems at these schools, I am talking about systematic corruption and degeneracy that threatens the spiritual, moral and, yes, even physical wellbeing of students at these schools.

What sort of bad things go on at some of the Newman Guide schools? Well here is an incomplete list.

1) I know of a professor at a Newman school who during his tenure there, was divorced from his wife, hit on and even dated students, coaching two of them to become lesbians, and who openly taught heresy and philosophical errors.

2) At Newman Guide schools, there are openly pro-choice faculty who publicly express their support of euthanizing children with Down Syndrome.

3) There are departments at Newman Guide that include homosexual faculty who teach “Catholic” gender theory in theology classes.

4) There are not only Catholic Newman Guide schools that are having financial trouble, there is at least one Newman Guide school which will be entering into a period of financial probation next year due to a catastrophic financial situation.

5) At some Newman Guide schools, there are classrooms led by professors who expose students to soft core pornography in both print and on film.

6) There are faculty and staff and even administrators at some of these schools who suffer from severe mental health issues which affect not only their job performance but cause tremendous harm to students and coworkers.

7) There are gay cliques at some of these schools not only among the students but among the faculty, that is, the “conservative” Catholic faculty.

8) There are situations at these schools were students are subject to emotional abuse and manipulation by professors. I know of a specific situation where a parent phoned a former professor at one of these schools and complained about the way his daughter was being treated.

9) There are many, many faculty at these schools who are not only deficient in knowledge of basic Catholic teaching and completely ignorant of the Western tradition, but are oblivious of much in their own specialized field.

10) At at least one Newman Guide school, faculty (including non-Catholic faculty) are coerced into attending mass during days in which the school is being advertised to the outside world to make it seem like more people go to mass. At the same school, coaches force their largely no- Catholic players to fill up the pews, so it looks like the sports teams all go to mass in front of visitors to the school.

11) This one is my personal favorite: there is even a Newman Guide school at which there has been operating a Satanic cult for decades and which performs animal sacrifices on the grounds of the school. Several exorcisms have been performed by the diocese, and faculty, staff, and students have repeatedly brought this situation to attention to the administrators who have responded with orders to “be quiet.”

I am saying these things about Newman Guide schools because other faculty who currently work at these schools want me to say them. I am saying them because they are true, and I am saying them because if you plan on attending a Newman Guide school or sending your children there or even working at a Newman Guide school, you need to be very, very careful and smart before you make that choice.

[Poster's comment: I can identify at least one of the above connected with Steubenville. No need to fear: The tenured professor in question has since moved on (or was pushed that way) to become a Jungian psychotherapist in private practice.]

Anonymous said...

Why in the world would they allow a Jew to hold any position at a Catholic university in the first place? These people are born revolutionaries and you allow them to teach young Catholics....who is in charge here? Good grief they've brought this problem on themselves.

TTC said...

Tom, that's frightening. I just can't believe the negligence, malfeasance, misfeasance and nonfeasance of those who have been given oversight of forming Catholic evangelists. The road to hell is paved with their skulls.

Anonymous said...

It may seem like a small matter after all the other things but I read of a Newman Catalog school that "has been teaching an interpretation of Church doctrine which, when combined with the students’ incoming high-school education in support of the scientific consensus, leads many students to become non-scientific, non-biblical hybrid theistic evolutionists who think it “works” for them. Taught is a hodgepodge of Catholic doctrine and opinions of theologians and philosophers mixed with the conventional wisdom of the 'evolution story.' It is not 'scientific,' for no scientist would hold this theory, and it is not biblical, because it discounts the truth of the inerrancy of Scripture. In short, what is being taught is not anything the Church has ever held to be true."